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Mafia IV story idea

Note: The particularly important details and music artist names are in bold text. Licensed music track names are in italics.
The year is 1973, five years after the events of the Mafia III, and 22 years since Vito Scaletta’s seen or heard from his old friend Joe Barbaro. The canon ending of Mafia III with this Mafia IV story is Vito taking over the city after Lincoln skipped town, however Cassandra and Burke are left alive and loyal to both Vito and Lincoln still. Burke was able to survive his liver cancer by getting a black market liver transplant in Mexico, like he did in his ending, except with Vito running the city. On Vito and Lincoln’s behalf, Burke and Cassandra agree to stay behind in New Bordeaux and keep the city locked down, incase Leo Galante and the Commission try anything.
The beginning cutscene is Vito answering his telephone after getting up in the morning in his new penthouse, on the top floor of the New Bordeaux casino he finished that was once Sal Marcano's, and grabbing a cup of coffee. It's Alma with some urgent news. Lincoln Clay came down to the cigar warehouse to visit her after 5 years of silence, and he has big news.
Joe is alive in Empire Bay and has been this entire time. However, as punishment for his actions, he's become Leo Galante's personal driver against his will and is forbidden from contacting Vito ever again, or else him and Vito will be killed. Alma then tells Vito to meet Lincoln at the airport to learn more, as he's already there awaiting Vito's arrival. When they're away from anyone who could listen in on their conversation, Lincoln tells Vito he has a friend named John Donovan he's going to introduce him to, hiding in the outskirts of Empire Bay, ready to help Vito and Lincoln with their new mission
Vito gets dressed in one of his signature trench coats with a suit and tie, ready to rain down hell on the Vinci crime family and their allies, and finally be reunited with his lifelong friend he previously thought was dead, Joe Barbaro.
Here is my idea for the kill list, all related to the Commission in Empire Bay and their allies.
I'm thinking Vito and Joe work with Lincoln Clay and John Donovan to split up Empire Bay and distribute territory to three other factions not unlike what Lincoln did with New Bordeaux. This time though, this is a much larger city in a much, much different part of the United States. The empire building mechanics would be a lot smoother, more robust, and streamlined compared to Mafia III. They would work similarly a more modernized version of how the game Scarface: The World Is Yours handled it's empire building and management mechanics, minus the whole switching to other characters lower on the ladder to do your bidding. This would be ideal for a story rich organized crime game in my opinion. Here are my ideas for those factions, all close allies of the up and coming Scaletta crime family.
The Cuban mob led by Alma Diaz. Vito goes way back with Alma, and she does not hesitate to answer him and Lincoln's calls to save Joe's life and royally fuck both Leo Galante and the Vinci family.
Conti crime family, led by Enzo Conti. This Conti crime family formed sometime in late 1968, months after Lincoln helped Enzo flee New Bordeaux and drop off of Sal Marcano's radar. It turns out he fled north to Empire Bay and finally formed his own family, having more than enough years of experience in the underworld to handle the job. Lincoln's tight with him and manages to recruit him to Vito and Joe's cause.
The Yakuza, based out of Empire Bay's Japantown. Longtime sworn enemies of the Empire Bay Triads, with bad blood going back decades. They would greatly enjoy seeing Mr. Chu and his son's heads mounted on pikes, along with whacking everyone who's ever supported their organization. You don't know them well, and they're known to be very unpredictable and ruthless. Use these traits to your advantage when taking on the Commission of Empire Bay and their friends.
I should mention as expected, this entire 1973 section where you play as Vito is much shorter than Mafia III. Vito's takeover is shown much more quickly over time than Lincoln's, and there's time skips during it, to keep it short and sweet, and to show onscreen only what's important. There is also no option for your underbosses to betray you, as to reduce confusion and keep the story consistently the same each playthrough, like the first two Mafia games.
However, unlike Mafia III, after all of these tasks are completed and every single assassination target on Vito’s kill list is dealt with, the game does not end. In fact, it's not even anywhere near close to being over yet. Vito's 1973 section was merely the beginning act. It was really a lead up to an entirely new Mafia story, centering around a newcomer to the American mob. Fast forward two years following Vito’s rampage that led to him taking over Empire Bay and the Commission, in the year 1975 him and Joe now rule Empire Bay, with Vito as the Don of the Scaletta Crime Family, and Joe working as his loyal underboss. You play the rest of the game as a young up and coming soldato named Louis in his 20’s, who’s a rising star in Vito’s organization. Do right by Mr. Scaletta and Mr. Barbaro, understand kid?
My basic idea for the character and his backstory is that he's a young Italian-Canadian mobster from Toronto, Ontario, or whatever Mafia's equivalent of it could be called. Let's call him Louis DeAngelo. (No relation to Tommy Angelo) His family hails from Tuscany in Italy and moved to Toronto, Ontario in 1939, shortly after World War II broke out in Europe. Louis DeAngelo was born in July 1952 in Toronto, and was raised in Toronto's Little Italy. Louis fled south to Empire Bay when the feds started cracking down on his old family and put his boss in prison, and he ended up finding a new home with the Scaletta crime family. The first few missions playing as Louis DeAngelo involve shooting your away out of an arrest by a Toronto Police Service SWAT team in Toronto in December 1974, seeing the rest of the members of your old crime family either get arrested or shot in front of you as you make your escape. You spend the next two missions fleeing Ontario through Quebec and upstate New York, before finally arriving in Empire Bay in early 1975, late January to be exact. Winter is in full force with snow everywhere, Louis' arrival to Empire Bay for the first time in his life mirroring Vito's return to Empire Bay in 1945 30 years earlier, except under far different much more dire circumstances. Louis' older brother and his father, both capos in his old crime family in Toronto, are shown to be arrested by the TPS SWAT team in his first mission, the same one that attempted to gun him down when he resisted arrested. Louis knows someone had to have ratted out his old crime family, and he wants to find out who someday. The thing is though, he doesn't just want to kill them. He wants to get out of them why they did it before he kills them. More than anything else, he just wants to find out why his crime family was betrayed and served up to the feds on a silver platter, having most of his biological family sent to prison in the process. He’s out to uncover the mystery of why his family fell apart, and he’s more than willing to help people like Don Vito Scaletta and his underboss Joe Barbaro to eventually get the answers he seeks. I came up with the idea for this character because I figured that playing as a fugitive from the law made sense for the mob life, and I'm surprised we haven't had a fugitive protagonist in the Mafia series yet.
In the 1975 chapters while playing as Louis, the Watergate scandal, President Richard Nixon’s resignation, and the official end to the Vietnam War are both discussed on the in-game radio during news segments. In the last 1979 chapter, the beginning of the Soviet-Afghan War is also the subject of a news segment on the radio.
The story eventually transitions into the 1980's as years pass, with the scenery, cars, and music changing accordingly, and historical events of the time discussed in the game. By the time the game ends, it's 1992, and significant historical events from the past few years at the time that are covered on the radio in-game include anything from the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Gulf War, the collapse of the Soviet Union, to the 1992 L.A. riots. The rise of the internet and home computers are briefly touched upon during news segments on the in-game radio during the early 1990's section of the story, but not greatly delved into given their relative infancy in that time period. During this entire 1975-1992 stretch of the story, Vito is no longer playable, and Don Scaletta takes a backseat in the story as a main supporting character, similar to Don Salieri throughout Mafia: Definitive Edition. You now play as the Italian-Canadian Scaletta family soldato Louis DeAngelo, who is later promoted to being a capo in 1985. However, unlike Don Salieri, Don Scaletta has much more integrity, and has more genuine loyalty for his men and his associates. If you've beaten Mafia 1 or Mafia: Definitive Edition, you'll know this is something Salieri lacked in the end.
The game will include a number of hit music from the 70’s that played on the radio back then, such as Bobby Womack’s Across 110th Street and Tony Christie’s (Is This the Way to) Amarillo, The Grateful Dead's Casey Jones and at least a few songs by the then new American rock band Cheap Trick, as well as popular songs from the 1960’s people still listened to at the time, such as Sam the Sham and the PharaohsWooly Bully, King Crimson’s 21st Century Schizoid Man, Zager and Evans' In the Year 2525, The Zombies' Time of the Season, and Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made for Walkin'. When you progress through the game, especially after you switch to playing as Louis DeAngelo for the rest of the story, years change, and the music changes. Different songs start playing on the radio, such as Sylvester's You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real), Randy Crawford's Street Life, and The Village People's Y.M.C.A., Cheryl Lynn's Got to Be Real, Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive, and the Bee Gees' Stayin' Alive start playing in the 1979 portion of the game. After you've completed the 1975 section of the game, Foghat's Slow Ride starts playing on the radio. Starting in the 1977 section of the game, Cheap Trick's I Want You to Want Me and Heart's Barracuda start playing on the radio. In the 1980's portion of the game, Thomas Dolby's songs Hyperactive! and She Blinded Me with Science, in addition to Night Ranger's Sister Christian also start playing on the radio. If Hangar 13 can afford the licenses, I also think a few Michael Jackson and Madonna songs should definitely be on the radio during the 1980's portion of the story, given the immense popularity and regular radio airtime those two had in that decade. If this ended up being possible, I imagine that Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Bad, and Billie Jean being on the radio in the 80's sections would be a must, Smooth Criminal especially because of how well it suits the series. Madonna's Lucky Star, Burning Up, Like a Virgin, and Borderline would also be perfect for the 80's portion of the game to me. Also mentioned by NPCs and civilians in the game are topical events of the time period, such as the release of the groundbreaking 1973 horror film The Exorcist at the end of Vito's playable portion of the game.
Other music of the 1980's segment when playing as Louis DeAngelo for the remainder of the game includes hits of the era such as Joe Jackson's Steppin' Out, The Buggles' Video Killed The Radio Star, Corey Hart's Sunglasses at Night, Laura Branigan's Self Control and Gloria, The Weather Girls' It's Raining Men, A-ha’s Take On Me, Men at Work's Down Under, Kim Wilde's Kids in America, The Gap Band's You Dropped a Bomb on Me, Culture Club’s Karma Chameleon, Twisted Sister's I Wanna Rock and We're Not Gonna Take It, Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive and Bad Medicine, Loverboy's Working for the Weekend, Dead or Alive's You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) and That's the Way (I Like It), Tiffany’s I Think We’re Alone Now, Daryl Hall & John Oates' Maneater, Aneka's Japanese Boy, Mötley Crüe's Dr. Feelgood, Girls, Girls, Girls and Kickstart My Heart, Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire, Huey Lewis And The News' Hip To Be Square, Bill Medley's (I've Had) The Time of My Life, The Police's Every Breath You Take, Whodini's Magic's Wand, Tears For Fears' Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Rockwell's Somebody's Watching Me, Regina's Baby Love, Nena's 99 Red Balloons, Earth, Wind, and Fire's Let's Groove and September, Billy Idol's Eyes Without a Face and White Wedding, Rick JamesGive It To Me Baby, Wham!'s Everything She Wants, George Michael's Careless Whisper, Toto's Hold the Line and Africa, Blondie's Heart of Glass and Atomic, and Mai Tai's History.
Note that not every single year and moment of the 17 year 1975-1992 section playing as Louis DeAngelo is playable or chronicled. My idea is it would be handled similarly to how the time skips in Mafia 1/Mafia: Definitive Edition were handled. Time skips of two or more years, or in this case, even longer such as 4 years sometimes, the game skipping from 1979 to 1983. This is to keep the game and story length ideal, and not risk it getting boring or repetitive, or going on for too long. Repetition was a big problem in Mafia III even if I still thought it was a superb game, so I think it'd be best to learn from that for the next big entry. The games story will skip ahead and show onscreen only what's significant, similar to the first Mafia game and it's remake, as well as certain aspects of Mafia II. Louis starts his section as a 22 year old fugitive soldato who got picked up by another crew south of the Canadian border, and in the epilogue of the game in 1992, is promoted to the consigliere of the Scaletta crime family at the age of 40, being set to take over the family once Vito and Joe become too old to run the day to day on a regular basis.
The years chronicled in the main gameplay segments are as follows:
Much more of the rural areas and countryside outside of Empire Bay are included than what was available in Mafia II. The way rural environments are handled for this hypothetical Mafia IV is akin to how Mafia: Definitive Edition and Mafia III handled their rural environments outside the main cities, except much larger in scale, given the increased power of the current new consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X. This region is based off of upstate New York and the surrounding areas across multiple states in the Northeastern US, and includes forests, fields, mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches, and small towns. Also included are other cities and towns, based off of other large cities in New York like Syracuse, Buffalo, and Rochester, where other story missions, business activities, and side missions take place, along with smaller notable places like Ithaca, Binghamton, and Utica. The entire states of New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Delaware, Maryland, and Ohio are also included, including places based off of all of their major cities and most of their notable towns in between. Large portions of Pennsylvania are included as well, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Scranton. Large portions of the eastern half of the Canadian province of Ontario are included as well, including cities based off of Toronto, Ottawa, and Niagara Falls. There's even a small portion of Quebec included, including Montreal and the surrounding countryside of the province outside that city, including a few small towns in southern Quebec. The player must pass a quick border patrol check when crossing the US-Canada border in a car or other ground vehicle.
Wildlife is present in the game, mostly to add to the background, scenery, and immersion in rural environments on the map. These are all animals native to the Northeastern US, ranging from white tailed deer, coyotes, bobcats, Canada lynxes, rabbits, hares, groundhogs, gophers, beavers, raccoons, opossums, bats, chipmunks, red and gray squirrels, mice, and rats to more formidable and potentially dangerous animals that may sometimes attack the player, such as grey wolves, black bears, mountain lions, and moose. These last four animals are known to spawn in the mountainous regions, especially in New York, Ohio, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Ontario, including the rural regions based off of the Catskills and the Adirondack mountains. Dogs are present in the cities, towns, and settlements where humans live and keep them as pets, being walked and sometimes found in people's yards. Some are used as guard dogs by enemies and are aggressive towards the player on sight. Domestic cats are also present in the background of residential areas, and both Louis and Vito own them as pets throughout the game in their safe houses, as well as other onscreen characters we see the homes of throughout the game.
Aircraft make their first usable appearance in the Mafia series too, from airplanes to helicopters. Vito cannot use planes or helicopters in his playable 1973 portion of the game, as he does not know how to pilot, being a paratrooper in World War II who never actually flew any of the planes himself. Aircraft are unlocked to use when Louis DeAngelo gets his pilot’s certificate offscreen in 1977, and at the end of a chapter set that year, Louis has to fly Vito in a helicopter to a penthouse in Downtown Empire Bay acting as a family safe house, equipped with a helipad. Louis frequently serves as a personal driver and pilot for both Vito and Joe afterwards, having done a lot in his time serving the family to earn their trust and respect.
Melee weapons also make a return from Mafia: Definitive Edition, with even more variety this time. In their respective sections of the game, Vito and Louis may use anything from baseball bats, pipes, shovels, brass knuckles, golf clubs, police batons, switchblades, kitchen knives, bowie knives, ice picks, 2x4s, claw hammers, crowbars, tire irons, chain links, machetes, meat cleavers, pickaxes, hatchets, sledgehammers, to fire axes. This amount of melee weapons is so no matter what environment the player finds themselves in during a mission or any other game activity, there is usually a weapon of some sort nearby. If the player has obtained piano wire, you may also strangle an enemy to death with it from behind as a stealth kill, this being a classic assassination method infamous for being used by the Italian Mafia. Rope can also be found and used for similar strangulation stealth kills, appearing in the gameplay environments where piano wire can’t be found. There is a wide variety of new guns and explosives to use in this concept for Mafia IV, going with the new weapons of the time the game takes place that criminals quickly got their hands on. This includes the SPAS-12 combat shotgun, the Beretta 92 pistol, the AK-74 assault rifle, the mini uzi, the MAC-10 submachine gun, both suppressed and unsuppressed variants, the Beretta 92 pistol, the Taurus raging bull revolver, Glock handguns, the TEC-9 machine pistol, illegally modified to be full auto, the Ruger Mini-14 full auto variant, and even Vietnam war era flamethrowers, which I think is only natural given that as of Mafia III, we already have RPGs and grenade launchers. Late in the game from the 1989 section and onwards, the Benelli M3 combat shotgun becomes available. The Milkor MGL grenade launcher becomes available beginning in the 1983 portion of the game. Attached grenade launchers are also available for the AK-47, AK-74, and M16 assault rifles.
Free ride makes a return in Mafia IV, with the player having the options to change the weather, time period, and an option to play as Louis, Vito, Joe, or Lincoln. Naturally, a multitude of new free ride missions are available as well.
I previously posted a much earlier and less detailed draft of this on the old Mafia3 subreddit 3 years ago back in 2017 as an idea for a hypothetical Mafia 3 expansion where you play as Vito, but have since updated and revamped it to a possible Mafia IV plot, and fixed any plot holes I noticed and made it much more fleshed out and in depth, and focus on more than just Vito in the end. You may view my original here if you so desire, to compare.
Feel free to give me constructive criticism on this, as I encourage this discourse and believe it is integral to growing and improving, to build upon or improve these ideas I've come up with, or say whether or not you think something like this should happen in the future. Thank you for reading!
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Mars bahis

mars bahis Güvenilir Midir?

Kayıt olmadan önce bahis platformlarının mutlaka güvenilirliği ile alakalı net araştırma yapmanız gerekiyor. Marsbet bu durumdan pozitif yönde cevap alan en net bahis siteleri arasında yer almıştır. Gambleaware sisteminin bir parçası olan bu sitede kullananların hakları koruma altındadır. Sorumlu oyun prensibi ile hareket edilmektedir.

Tasarım Göz Kamaştırıyor!
Marsbet bahis sitesinin piyasada bu aşama sevilmesinin ve dikkat çekmesinin temel sebepleri içinde kesinlikle tasarım kalitesi bulunuyor. Tasarım kalitesi ile alakalı olarak herhangi biri problem söz mevzusu değildir. Kırmızı ve siyah renklerin etkin bir halde kullanıldığı bu sistem incelenmiş olduğu süre hem ana sayfanın tasarımı bununla beraber genel manada bahis olanaklarına yetişme aşamasında bir aksaklık meydana gelmeyeceği de belirtilmelidir.

Tasarımın bu göz kamaştıran detayları sizin için verimliliği de beraberinde getirecektir. Site tasarlanırken özellikle yeni kayıt olan ve bahis konusunda tecrübesiz olan kişilerin dahi rahatça yak uydurabilecekleri bir sistem oluşturulmasına büyük önem verilmiştir. Tasarım ergonomik tutulurken şıklık ve sofistike duruş da elden bırakılmamıştır. Tek bir tık ile tüm bahis olanaklarına ve bonuslara anlık şekilde erişim sağlama hakkınız bulunuyor.

Marsbet Kayıt Adımları nasıl Tamamlanır?

Marsbet sitesi ile alakalı temel manada incelemeleri yapmış olduktan sonra kayıt kararı mı verdiniz. İşe İlk olarak ana sayfada yer alan Kayıt Ol butonuna tıklamanız gerekiyor. Kayıt Ol butonuna tıklamanızın hemen hemen sonra rağmenıza bir üyelik formu çıkacaktır. Bu üyelik formu kapsamında direkt olarak sizden bazı veriler istenecek ve bu veriler hesabınızı oluştururken kullanılacaktır. Sitede üyelik formunda istenen bilgiler;

Kullanıcı adı, şifre, doğum tarihi
Telefon numarası, e-mail adresi
Para birimi, ülke, açık adres
Adınız, soyadınız
Bu detayları en doğru bir şekilde vermeniz gerekiyor. Bilgiler ile alakalı en ufak bir aksaklık ya da yanlışlık fark edildiği süre bu mevzuda bahis platformu sert bir yaptırım uygulamaktadır. Siteye vermiş olduğunuz bilgilerde bir değişim meydana gelmişse bunu da direkt olarak canlı destek hattına bağlanarak dile getirmeniz gerekir.

Marsbahis Belge Talep Edilir Mi?

Marsbet bahis platformu gerekli gördüğü durumlarda sizden belge talep edebilmektedir. Tam da bundan dolayı kayıt aşamasında verilen bilgilerin güncel ve gerçek olmasına dikkat etmenizi gerekiyor. Belge gönderim adımları ile alakalı olarak kişilerin dikkate alması ihtiyaç duyulan hususların biri diğer boyutu da kesinlikle güvenliktir. Sizden alınan bilgi ve belgeler kapsamlı bir koruma sistemine dahil olacaktır. Bu veriler ile alakalı paylaşım yahut muhafaza ile alakalı bir sıkıntı çekmemeli ve endişe duymamalısınız.

Hesap doğrulaması adımını tamamlayan kullananların bonus olanaklarının kullanılmasından başlayarak, finansal işlemlerin tamamlanmasına kadar çok daha rahat adım atacağının da ayrıca dile getirilmesi gerekiyor. Hesap doğrulama adımı sadece 1 kereye mahsus olarak yapılır. Daha sonra hesabınız onaylı olduğu için dilediğinizi şeklinde işlem gerçekleştirmeye devam edebilirsiniz. Belge talep etme adımı bir tek Marsbet bahis platformuna özgü değildir. Biroldukça bahis sitesinde diğer kullanıcıların da güvenliğinin sağlanması için bu işlem uygulanabilir.

Marsbet Hesap Kullanmanın Temel Kuralları nelerdir?

Bahis hesabını açmadan önce sitede hesap kullanmanın temel kuralları hakkında data sahibi olmanız gerekiyor. Bahis platformunda hesabınızı işletirken şu hususlar hakkında data sahibi olmanız gerekir;

Her kullanıcının bahis platformunda bir tek 1 adet hesap sahibi olması gerekiyor.
Aynı anda birden fazla hesap açan kullananların açmış oldukları tüm hesapların anlık bir halde askıya alınacağının belirtilmesi gerekiyor.

Marsbahis Giriş İşlemleri iyi mi Tamamlanır?

Bahis platformunda giriş adımlarını sorunsuz bir biçimde tamamlayabilirsiniz. Hızlı ve sorunsuz bir halde giriş aşamasını şekillendirmek için şu kıstaslara dikkat etmelisiniz;

Giriş adımlarının tamamlanması için mobile yahut masaüstü versiyonu kullanma hakkınız bulunuyor.
Ana sayfanın en üst kısmında yer alan giriş yap butonuna tıklamalısınız.
Bu aşamada kullanıcı adı ve şifre bilgilerinizi girmenizi gerekecektir. Küçük harf büyük harf uyumu da dikkate alınarak bu veriler girilmelidir. Harflerde herhangi bir aksaklık ya da hata meydana gelirse giriş adımının başarılı olamayacağının ek olarak eklenmesi gerekiyor.
Giriş süreci kapsamında kişilerin en güncel alan adını kullanması gerekir. Aksi takdirde erişim için çaba sarf ederken bu adres BTK tarafından izin verilmemiştir şeklinde bir uyarı ile karşı karşıya gelebilirsiniz.
Erişim aşamasında kullanıcı adı ve şifre bilginizi ne olursa olsun farklı fert veya kurumlar ile paylaşmamanız gerekiyor.
Giriş adımlarında devamlı olarak kullanıcı adı ve şifre girmek istemiyorsanız kişisel kullanımınıza açık olan cihazlarda bu verileri direkt olarak kaydedebilirsiniz. Bu şekilde her giriş işleminde verileri tek tek yazma şeklinde bir sorun da karşınıza çıkmayacaktır.

Şifremi Unuttum Ne Yapmalıyım?
Marsbet erişim aşamasında en temel faktörlerden kabul edilen şifrenizi unuttuğunuz süre bunu direkt olarak Şifremi Unuttum butonu ile halledebilirsiniz. Şifremi unuttum butonuna tıklandıktan hemen ondan sonra sizden bir e-posta adresi istenecektir. Bu e-posta adresine direkt olarak şifre sıfırlama linki gönderilecektir. Şifre sıfırlama linki üzerinden size bazı güvenlik soruları da iletilecektir. Bu şekilde verimlilik bir aşama daha üst seviyeye çıkacaktır. Şifre sıfırlama aşamasında güvenlik sürecinin şekillendirilmesi kötü niyetli kişiler tarafınca hesapların askıya alınmasını engelleyen hususlar içinde bulunuyor. Şifrenizi unutmamak için hiç kimsenin ulaşamayacağı bir alan not almanız sizin için daha verimli ve daha sorunsuz bir hal alacaktır.

Mobile Erişim Adımları iyi mi Tamamlanır?
Erişim adımlarını kullanıcılar mobile sistemler üzerinden de tamamlayabilmektedir. Mobile erişim sürecinde dikkat edilmesi gerekenler;

Marsbet mobil sistemi IOS ve Android işletim sistemi üzerinden erişime açıktır.
Erişim sağladığınız cihazın ve ağ bağlantısının güvenliği itam manası ile sizin sorumluluğunuzdadır.
Cihazdan meydana gelen problemler meydana geldiği zaman bu durumun sorumluluğunun size ilişik bulunduğunu göreceksiniz.
Kullanıcı adı ve şifre girme adımlarını aynı şekilde yukarıda belirttiğimiz detaylara dikkat ederek girmelisiniz. Bu verilerde mobile ara yüzde bir değişiklik meydana gelmeyecektir.
Mobile uygulama veya direkt olarak tarayıcıları kullanarak erişim adımlarını şekillendirme olanakınız bulunuyor.
Uygulama indirmek isteyen kişiler Google Play Store yahut AppStore aplikasyon marketini kullanabilir. İndirme işlemleri ile alakalı herhangi bir kısıtlama da söz konusu olmayacaktır. Bu indirme işlemi sırasında sizden bir ücret talep edilmeyecektir.

Alan Adı Değişimi neden Meydana Geliyor?
Erişim adımlarının bir öteki önemli boyutu da kesinlikle alan adı değişim süreci hakkında bilgi sahibi olmaktır. Alan adı değişiklik detayları hakkında göz önünde bulundurmanız gerekenler;

Alan adı değişiklik süreci her kaçak bahis platformunda çoğunlukla meydana gelen durumlar arasındadır.
Sitenin güvenliği ile yahut kullanıcılara sunulan olanaklar ile alakalı bir konum değildir.
Hesabınızı kullanıma alırken her zaman işlem gerçekleştirmiş olduğiniz alan adı BTK denetlemesine takılabilir.
Kaçak kategorisinde olması sebebi ile BTK adres engellemesi yapabilir. Bu konum oldukca normaldir.
Durum bahis platformu tarafınca anında düzeltilecek ve sitede olanaklara herhangi bir zarar gelmeden direkt olarak yeni alan adına lüzumlu olan taşıma işlemleri tamamlanacaktır.
Adres değişiklik süreci bahis olanaklarını, site tasarımını yahut hesabınızda o sürece kadar toplamış olduğunuz miktarı kesinlikle olumsuz yönde etkilemeyecektir. Aynı olanaklar güncellenmiş alan adı üzerinden tarafınıza sunulmaya devam eder!
Siz de bu hususları incelemeye alarak bu durumun ürkü yapılacak bir husus olmadığını bilmelisiniz. Her bahis sitesinde dönemsel olarak bu tür alan adı değişiklik adımları söz konusu olabilir.

Marsbet Spor Bahisleri

Marsbet bahis platformunun en sevilen olanaklarının başında mutlaka spor bahisleri geliyor. Siz de spor bahisleri üzerinden sorunsuz bir halde yüksek kazanım elde edebilirsiniz. öteki sitelerde geçerli olan oranlar ile bir kıyaslama yapıldığı zaman oranların ne aşama yüksek seviyede olduğu bir kere daha net şekilde fark ediliyor. Bu yüksek oranlar sizin için kazanımın en net anahtarlarından bir tanesi olacaktır.

Spor Bahislerinde Hangi Branşlar Geçerli?
Spor bahisleri ile alakalı olarak en sevilen noktaların başında bahis branşlarının çeşitliliği geliyor. Her kullanıcının bahis platformundan sorunsuz bir biçimde istifade etmesi ve ayrılması için büyük çaba sarf edilmektedir.

Futbol, basketbol, tenis, voleybol, masa tenisi, MMA
Buz hokeyi, Badminton, Hentbol, Amerikan futbolu
Futsal, Avustralya futbolu, Play voleybolu, boks
Kriket, e-sports, dart, bisiklet yarışı, golf, netbol
Ragbi ligi, snooker, wwe, tv programları ve diziler
Bu detaylar sizin için verimliliği de beraberinde getirir. Branş çeşitliliği devasa yükseklikte olsa da genel olarak futbolun büyük talep gördüğünün de ek olarak belirtilmesi gerekiyor. Sunulan bahis branşlarının çeşitliliği sitede kullanıcıların kıvanç seviyesini pekiştiren unsurlardandır.

Futbolda En Sevilen Ligler Hangileridir?
Bir tek branş çeşitliliğinde değil bununla birlikte lig çeşitliliği mevzusunda da harika biri alt yapı oluşturulmuştur. Marsbet sizin için verimliliğin yeni adresi olacaktır. Bu derece yüksek bir çeşitlilik bununla birlikte yüksek oranlar ile birleştiği vakit elde edilecek olan oyun keyfi maksimum seviyeye çıkacaktır. En sevilen ligler şu şekilde sıralanır;

UEFA Uluslar Ligi, UEFA Şampiyonlar Ligi, İngiltere Premiere League
Fransa League 1, Türkiye Süper Lig, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A
Liglerin genel değişkenleri ile alakalı da net bir şekilde düşünce sahibi olmanız gerekiyor. Her ligin işleyiş sistemi değişiklık gösterir. Örneğin İngiltere Ligi’nde son dakikaya kadar temponun düşmediği ve sunulan taktikten vazgeçilmediği görülür. Türkiye Ligi’nde ise skor kesinleştikten ve fark açıldıktan sonrasında her iki takımında stratejiyi takip etmekte ve taktiği gerçekleştirmede güçlük çektiği de belirtilmelidir.

Marsbahis Oyuna Hile Karışır Mı?

Spor bahislerinde kullanıcıların hazırladıkları kuponlar ile alakalı en minik bir güvenlik açığının söz mevzusu olması mümkün değildir. Güvenlik önlemleri oldukça sıkı bir halde alınmıştır. Sunulan bu imkanlar verimliliği en yüksek dereceye çıkartacaktır. Kupona hile karıştırmaya çalışan kullanıcılar anlık olarak tespit edilecektir. Hile sebebi ile tespit edilen kullanıcıların hesapları tekrar aktive edilmemek üzere askıya alınır.

Bahis olasılıkları nelerdir?
Bir müsabakada geçerli olan bahis olasılıklarını tanımak kupon başarısını çoğaltmak için en net seçenekler arasında yer almaktadır. Sitede bir futbol müsabakasında geçerli olan olasılıklardan bazıları;

Maç sonucu, ilk yarı sonucu, ikinci yarı kararıToplam gol, ilk yarı gol, ikinci yarı gol
Asya handikap, handikap, karşılıklı gol var
Beraberlikte iade, çift/tek, alt/üst, çifte şans
Her iki ekip da gol atar, toplam goller
  1. Yarı doğru skor, 2. Yarı doğru skor
Siz de bu mümkünlıkları incelemeye alırken oran durumu ile takımların gerçek durumu hakkında da bilgi sahibi olmanız gerekiyor. Bazı bahis sitelerinde olasılıklara verilen oranlar takımların gerçek durumundan çok uzak oluyor. Bu durumun güvenlik ve kullanıcı memnuniyeti ile alakalı problemlerı da bununla beraber getirebileceğini bilmeniz gerekir.

Olasılıkların analizini yapmadan kupo0nunuza ekleme yapmamanız gerekiyor. çözümleme ve kıyaslamalar yaparak verimliliği en yüksek dereceye çıkarabilirsiniz. Hem uzman yorumlarına göz atmalısınız bununla birlikte genel manada takımın nasıl bir gidişata ve duruşa haiz olduğunu da çözmeniz gerekiyor. Mümkünlıkların istatistiki boyutuna da ulaşabilirisiniz. İstatistiki boyut size her vakit gelecekte olan müsabaka ile laakalı net bir sonuç vermeyecektir, fakat minimumından takımların tanınması konusunda bir fırsat verir.

Kupon Hazırlama Adımları nelerdir?
Kupon hazırlama adımlarında dikkat edilmesi gereken hususlar;

Sistem, tekli, kombine benzer biçimde kupon seçeneklerini kullanma hakkınız bulunuyor. Elinizde yer alan yarışma alternatiflerinin başarı mümkünlığına göre direkt olarak kupon türü belirlenebilir.
Sistem kuponlar riski sevmeyen kullanıcılar için verimli bir alternatif olacaktır. Sistem kuponlarda kupon ücreti yüksek olsa dahi tahminlerinizde 1 -2 adet fire vermiş olsanız dahi kazanma olasılığınız devam edecektir.
Kuponunuza ekleme yaparken olasılıkların derhal alt kısmında yer edinen oranlara tıklamanız kafi olacaktır. Bu oranlara tıklayarak lüzumlu olan tüm adımları tamamlayabilir ve eklemeyi gerçekleştirebilirsiniz.
Kuponunuza onaylama verinceye kadar keleme ve çıkarma yapma hakkınız da bulunuyor.
Misli meblağı da oldukça önemlidir. Miskli tutarı size kupon üzerinden ne kadar kazanım elde edeceğiniz mevzusunda yol gösteren en temel hususlardan biri olacaktır. Misli arttıkça kazanım olasılığı da risk faktörü de artış gösterecektir.
Kuponundan emin olan kişilerin misli tutarını yüksek belirlemesi elde edilecek olan verimliliği en yüksek dereceye çıkaracak olan hususlardan biri olur.
Kupon onaylamaı: Kupon tasdik aşamasında kişilerin özellikle dikkat etmesi gerekir. Kişilerin en kısa süre içinde hızlı ve sorunsuz bir halde erişim adımlarını tamamlayıp kuponunu şekillendirdikten derhal sonra onay vermesi gerekir. Bir kuponda yer alan tüm tahminler doğru olsa dahi onaysız olan kuponların geçerliliği olmayacaktır. Marsbet kullanıcı dostu bir platform olduğu için kullanıcılara onaylama mevzusunda gerekli olan tüm adımlar sorunsuz bir halde hatırlatılacaktır.

Kuponun Daha Başarılı Olması İçin Hangi Adımlar Atılabilir?
Takımlar üzerine yapacağınız kuponların daha yüksek bir verimliliğe sahip olması için mutlaka çözümleme yapmalısınız. Takımların son müsabakada sergiledikleri performans, ligin genel durumu, uluslar arası platformda sergiledikleri performans ve çok daha fazlasına olabildiğince kısa bir süre içinde erişim sağlama imkanını elde edebilirisiniz.

Başarı oranını artırmak için takımların genel durumları ile sunulan oranın ne derece ilişkili olduğunu da incelemeye almak gerekiyor. Kupon başarısının süre içerisinde artacağı ve tecrübeye bağlı olarak başarı oranınızın yükseleceği ek olarak dikkate alınması ihtiyaç duyulan hususlardandır. Orta bütçeye haiz olan kullananların tüm bütçelerini direkt olarak tek bir kupona aktarmaları doğru olmayacaktır. Bunun yerine daha davranışlarında ölçülü bir harcama çizgisi oluşturmanız sizin için daha verimli olur.

Hazır Kuponlardan Yardım Alın
Spor bahislerinde kupon hazırlama mevzusunda herhangi bir tecrübeniz bulunmuyorsa direkt olarak hazır kuponları da kullanma gibi bir hakkınız bulunuyor. Hazır kuponlar aracılığı ile kupona ekleme yapmak zorunda kalmadan verimliliği en yüksek dereceye çıkarma olanakını da elde edebilirisiniz. Hazır kuponlara ekleme yapmak sizin için artık daha verimli olacak.

Bu alanda hazır kuponları direkt olarak işleme almaktansa minimumından kendi isteklerinize uygun bir şekilde kıyaslamalar ve analizler yapmak sizin için verimliliği artıracak hususlar arasındadır. Hazır kuponun hangi uzman tarafından hazırlandığı ve oran/misli uyumu gibi hususlar siizn için büyük örutubet arz edecektir.

Kupon Bozdurma Nedir?
Kupon bozdurma aşaması kullananların hazırlamış oldukları kuponun doğru ilerlemediğini fark ettikleri anda direkt olarak gerçekleştirebilecekleri işlemlerden bir tanesidir. Kupon bozdurma adımlarını tamamlarken kişilerin dikkate alması gereken biri öteki husus da mutlaka kupon bozdurulduğunda kuponun ilk kazanımını vermeyecek olmasıdır. Kupon kazanım miktarında düşüş meydana gelecektir. Buna karşın kazanımın artırılması ve riskin ortadan kaldırılması için çok verimli seçeneklerden bir tanesidir. Yapılması ihtiyaç duyulan bir diğer uyarı da bonuslar ile alakalıdır. Bozdurulmuş olan kuponların bonus çevrim adımlarında herhangi bir geçerliliği yoktur.

Kupon Kazanımları Hesaba Ne vakit Tanımlanır?
Kuponun kazanması durumunda hesaba tanımlanma süreci ile alakalı lüzumlu olan tüm veriler anlık olarak aktarılacaktır. Kupon hazırlama sürecinde gösterdiğiniz emeğin karşılığını anlık olarak hesabınız üzerinden alacaksınız. Kuponunuzu hazırlarken dikkate alınması ihtiyaç duyulan bir öteki husus da mutlaka kazanım meblağıdır.

Bu meblağın hesaba aktarılması konusunda en hızlı işlem oluşturan sitelerin başında Marsbet geliyor. Marsbet verimliliği maksimum seviyeye çıkarmak için kişilerin kazanımlarının hesaba aktarılması mevzusunda harika bir alt yapı geliştirilmiştir. Kazanım elde eden kuponunuzun karşılığının hesaba aktarılmadığını fark eden kişiler anında canlı destek hattından yardım almalıdır. Uzmanlar bu sorunun niçin kaynaklandığını size kısa sürede aktaracaktır.

Marsbet Canlı Bahis Seçenekleri

Marsbet bahis platformunda klasik maç öncesi bahislere ek olarak bir de canlı bahislerden istifade etme hakkınız bulunuyor. Canlı bahisler sizin için yüksek verimliliğin en temel adreslerinden bir tanesi olacaktır. Devamlı olarak değişen oranlardan anlık bir biçimde istifade ederek verimliliği maksimum dereceye çıkarın. Marsbet sitesinde canlı bahislerde de branş çeşitliliği fazlaca yüksektir. Bu alanda futbol dalının ön plana çıktığı ve sitede hazırlanan canlı bahis kuponlarının genel olarak futbol, basketbol, tenis ve hentbol üzerine kurulu olduğunun da belirtilmesi gerekiyor.

Canlı Bahislerde Geçerli Olan tasarımSitede kupon oluşturma adımını daha kolay bir hale getirmek için büyük çaba sarf edilmektedir. Bu alanda canlı bahisler verimliliği en yüksek dereceye çekmek için özel bir alt yapı ile oluşturulmuştur. Canlı bahislerin ilgili sayfasında rağmenıza en popüler müsabaka çıkacaktır. Bunun yanı sıra hem sol tarafta farklı branşlarda geçindiren canlı bahis müsabakalarını görmüş olacaksınız. Oranların ne aşama hızlı şekilde dalgalandığını bu tablo üzerinden görebilirisiniz.

Kullananların akıl karışıklığı yaşamadan sorunsuz şekilde erişim adımlarını tamamlaması için özel bir alt yapı şekillendirilmiştir. Kupon oluşturma adımı veya genel manada site kullanımı ile alakalı olarak bir aksaklık yaşarsanız bu durumu canlı destek hattına anında bildirebilirsiniz.

Canlı Bahislerde Geçerli Olan Mantık Nedir?
Canlı bahislerde kişilerin öncelikli olarak şu hususları tanıması gerekiyor;

Canlı bahislerde müsabakanın başladığı andan bittiği ana kadar devamlı olarak değişim içinde olan bir oran yapısı rağmenıza çıkacaktır.
Yarışma başladıktan sonrasında canlı bahislerde kuponunuza ekleme yapma hakkınız mevcuttur.
Müsabakanın bitiş düdüğü ile de kuponunuza ekleme yapma hakkını kaybedebilirsiniz. Bahis platformları maçın bitmesini beklemeden direkt olarak bahsi kapatabilir. Bu yetki de siteye aittir.
Müsabakaları yorumlarken doğru zamanda kupona ekleme yapmalısınız. Oranlar değişim gösterse de sizin kuponunuz için geçerli olan oran ekleme ve onaylamanın hemen sonrasında sabitlenecektir.
Takımları yakından tanımak sizin için bu aşamada en büyük avantajlardan biri olacaktır.
Müsabakada meydana gelen en küçük bir kart gösterme veya sakatlık durumunun dahi tüm oran seviyesini alt üst edebilecek seviyede olduğunun belirtilmesi gerekiyor.
Bu detaylar incelendiği süre genel manada riskin daha yüksek olduğu ve aynı oranda kazanımın da maksimum seviyede olduğu daha net şekilde anlaşılmaktadır.

TV Sistemi Üzerinden Müsabakaları Takip Edin
Bahis sitesinde canlı bahislerde daha yüksek verimlilik elde edebilmek için TV sistemi üzerinden müsabakaları yakından takip etmeye dikkat etmelisiniz. TV sistemi ana sayfanın hemen en üst kısmında TV butonu şeklinde tarafınıza sunulmuştur. TV sistemi üzerinden verileri toplayarak elde edeceğiniz verimliliği yüksek bir seviyeye çıkarabilirisiniz. Bilgi elde etmek artık daha rahat!

TV sistemi düzgüsel koşullarda aylık olarak ödeme yaparak izleyeceğiniz müsabakaları size ücretsiz bir biçimde sunmaktadır.
Sistemin HD kalitede olması da memnun bırakmaktadır. Seyir keyfinizden taviz vermeden verimliliği maksimum dereceye çıkartabilmek adına en doğru yerdesiniz.
Takımları, rakipleri, transfer dönemini, ligin genel durumunu, yargıcı takım uyumunu bu TV sistemi sayesinde anında takip edebilirsiniz.
Yapılan araştırmalara bakılırsa hem canlı bahislerde aynı zamanda maç öncesi bahislerde müsabakaları yakından takip eden kullananların elde edecekleri kupon başarısının etmeyenlere bakılırsa çok daha yüksek olduğunun da ayrıca dile getirilmesi gerekiyor.
Bu yayından isterseniz masaüstü versiyon isterseniz de mobile versiyon üzerinden erişim sağlama hakkınız bulunuyor. Her iki sistemde de ağ bağlantısının hızlı olmasına dikkat etmelisiniz. Ağ bağlantısından meydana gelen bir problem meydana geldiği zaman TV akışında donmalar ve kopmalar meydana gelebilir.

Canlı Bahislerde Kısa Yollar

Sitede kullanım adımının daha pratik bir hale gelmesi için büyük çaba sarf edilmektedir. Bu noktada canlı bahsin site kısa yollarını takip etmeyi unutmamalısınız;

Maç tablosu, canlı maçlar, canlı çoklu görünüm, canlı takvim, sonuçlar ve istatistikler
Bu hususlar sitede dilediğiniz müsabakalara çok daha kısa bir süre içinde çok daha verimli ve sorunsuz bir halde erişim hakkını sunacaktır. Bu mükemmel sistem yüksek kazanım oranları ile sizi beklemeye devam ediyor.

Sonuçlar ve istatistikler kısmı yardımıyla takımları yakından tanımak ve analizlere ulaşmak için farklı bir siteye ihtiyaç duymayacaksınız analizlerinizi de bu sistem üzerinden büyük bir rahatlıkla tamamlama hakkına sahipsiniz. Canlı çoklu görünüm yardımıyla hangi müsabakanın oranının ne yönde değişiklik gösterdiği konusunda da bilgi alabilirsiniz.

Oran Kıyaslaması
Canlı bahislerde geçerli olan oran seviyesini öteki siteler ile kıyasladığınız vakit verimliliğin boyutunu daha net bir şekilde görebilirsiniz. Oran seviyesi en emin şekilde en yüksek seviyeye çekilmiştir. Bu sistem sizin için yüksek kazanımın en net noktalarından biri olacaktır.

Oran kıyaslaması yapılırken branşlar içinde futbolun en iddialı seçeneklerden biri olduğu da görülüyor. Oranlar üzerinde neyin değiştirme tesiri vardır soruları da çoğunlukla yöneltiliyor. Öncelikli olarak maçın gidişatının en temelde bir değişiklik yapma tesiri bulunuyor. Bunun yanı sıra kullanıcıların talepleri de büyük değişim arz edebiliyor. Kişilerin en kısa süre içerisinde yüksek talepte bulundukları müsabakalarda da bu tür oran dalgalanmaları meydana gelebilmektedir. Oranın bu aşama dalgalanmasının sizin için hem bir risk hem de çok yüksek bir kazanım fırsatı olduğunun ayrıca dile getirilmesi gerekiyor.

Canlı Bahislerde Kullanıcı Yorumları Ne Yönde?

Canlı bahislerde kullananların yorumları net bir halde olumludur. Marsbet canlı bahis alanında en yüksek oranları sunan ve hem de verimliliği maksimum seviyeye çıkaran hususlardandır. Siz de canlı bahisler üzerinden yüksek verimliliğin tadını çıkarırken hem de yorumlarınızı da paylaşabilirsiniz. Bu yorumlarınız hem canlı bahse yeni başlamış olacak kişiler tarafınca incelenecek hem de sizin için yüksek verimliliğin en önemli noktalarından biri olacaktır. Canlı bahislerdeki oran değişimi yüksek verimliliği ile sizi bekliyor!

Canlı Bahisler Legal Sitelerde Mi Oynanmalı Kaçak Platformlarda Mı?
Meydana getirilen son güncellemeler ile birlikte canlı bahisler artık legal siteler üzerinden de erişilebilir bir hal almıştır. Tam da bu nedenle legal siteleri tercih eden kişilerin sayısı da artıyor. Fakat bir karşılaştırma yapıldığı zaman hem oran seviyesi bakımından hem de elde edilmiş kazanımın hesaba tanımlanması ile alakalı olarak legal sitelerin bir adım geride kaldığı görülmektedir.

Canlı bahislerin genel mantığında kişilerin kazandıkları tutarın olabildiğince hızlı bir halde hesaba tanımlanması gerekiyor. Bu şekilde kullananların bakiye bakımından herhangi bir zorluk çekmeden hesabına aktarımın sağlanması mümkün kılınır. Legal siteler henüz bu mevzuda düzgün bir sistem hazırlamamıştır. Ayrıca lig, yarışma ve oran mevzusunda da geri planda kaldığı görülüyor. Legal sitelerde herhangi bir bonus desteği de söz konusu değildir. Bu alanda sorunsuz bir alt yapının geliştirilmesi için büyük çaba sarf etmiştir.

Marsbet sitesinde canlı bahislerde elde edilen kazanımın en kısa sürede hesaba tanımlanması ve kişilerin bu miktar ile kazanımına yeni ve oldukça verimli bir boyut kazanmıştırrması da temel fakatç olarak belirlenmiştir. Siz de bu konuda pozitif yönde/olumsuz deneyimlerinizi anında paylaşabilirsiniz.

Marsbet Casino Oyunları Sizi Bekliyor!
Casino oyunları sizin için yüksek kazanımın temel odak noktalarından bir tanesi olacaktır. Casino oyunları hem güvenilirliği bununla beraber olanakların verimliliği ile göz dolduruyor. Sunulan oyunlar lüzumlu olan tüm güvenlik denetimlerinden geçirilmiştir. Tam da bundan dolayı Marsbet sizin için oyun çeşitliliğini yüksek tutmuş ve kullananların en kısa sürede yüksek verimlilik ile casino keyfini evlerinde elde etmelerini mümkün kılmıştır.

Marsbet Casino Oyun Alt Yapı Sağlayıcıları
Casino oyunlarında alt yapı sağlayıcıları yüksek verimliliği ile dikkat çekiyor. Piyasada Marsbet platformunun bu aşama verimli ve nitelikli olarak görülmesinin temel sebebi de kesinlikle alt yapı sağlayıcılarıdır. Görsel kalite ve oyunun güvenliği konusunda harika bir alt yapı geliştirilmiştir.

Yggdrasil, Pragmatic Play, PlaynGo, Wazdan
Betsoft, Microgamiing, Quickspin, Tom Horn
Amatic, Spinomenal, Habanero, Redrake
Betsolutions, Mrslotty, Playson, Blueprint
1×2 Gaming, Thunderkick, Platipus, Boongo
Evoplay, Platingaming, Belatra, Beefee, ELK
Bu detaylara bakıldığı vakit verimliliği en yüksek seviyeye çıkarmak için siteye bağlanırken kullandığınız cihazın da kesinlikle bu alt yapı sağlayıcılarını kaldırabilecek özellikte olmasına büyük örutubet verilmelidir.

Slot oyunlarından blackjack seçeneklerine kadar casino oyunlarının verimliliğinden en güzel şekilde istifade edeceksiniz. Sitede alt yapı sağlayıcılarının itinasıyla nerdeyse gerçek lobinin keyfinı çıkarabileceksiniz. Sitenin sağlayıcıları hem de pratik bir tasarım ile bir araya getirilmiştir. Bu harika tasarım sizin için verimliliği de en yüksek seviyeye çekecek olan unsurlar içinde kendini gösteriyor.

Casino Oyunlarında En Temel Seçenekler nedir?
Casiino oyunları denildiği vakit sitede sunulan ve severek istifade edilen seçeneklerden bazıları şu biçimdedir;

Slot oyunları
Yeni oyunlar
Video poker
Bu oyun dallarının her biri lüzumlu olan tüm denetimlerden geçirilmiştir. Tam da bu nedenle olanakların güvenilirliği ile alakalı tek bir aksaklık dahi söz konusu olmayacaktır. Sitede denetimden geçirilmeyen aslabir oyuna yer verilmez.

Slot Oyunları Tüm Niteliği ile Sizi Bekliyor
Bahis platformunda şansını tecrübe etmek isteyen kullananların en sevmiş olarak istifade ettikleri seçeneklerin başında ne olursa olsun slot oyunları geliyor. Herhangi bir stratejinizi olmadan sadece şansınıza güvenerek elde edeceğiniz bir alt yapı geliştirilmiştir. Slot oyunlarının farklı kategorileri bulunuyor. Bu kategorilerin en popüler seçenekleri;

Classic Cherries, Sweet Bonanza, Book of Dead, Wild Wild West
Solar Temple, Steam Tower, Release the Kraken, Blood Suckers
Mustang Gold, Big Win, Samba Carnival, Honey Honey Honey
Furits and Jokers, Wild West Gold, Dazzle Me, Extra Chili Megaways
Hercules and Pegasus, Buffalo King, Gorilla Kingdom, Super Joker
Gonzo’s Quest, Mermaids Millions, Burning Wins 777, Demi Gods
Piyasada slot oyunları mevzusunda en kapsamlı listeyi sunan seçeneklerden biri olduğu da belirtilmelidir. Marsbet piyasada slot oyunları denildiği vakit çeşitliliği ve verimliliği ile akla ilk başlarda gelecek olan sitelerden biri tanesi olacaktır.

Slot Oyunları güvenilir Midir?
Slot oyunları benzer biçimde şansa dayalı olan oyun dallarında güvenilirliğin çok büyük biri örutubet arz ettiğinin belirtilmesi gerekiyor. Marsbet bu konuda lüzumlu olan tüm önlemleri almıştır. Slot oyunları piyasada istifade edebileceğiniz en emin sistemler içinde bulunuyor. Hile uygulama adımlarına karşın IP adresleri üzerinden gerekli olan tüm incelemeler tamamlanır ve hile icra eden hesaplar anında tespit edilir. Slot oyunlarının bu güvenilir sistemi üzerinden sorunsuz şekilde istifade etmenin tadını çıkarabilirsiniz.

Slot Turnuvalarına Katılın
Slot oyunlarında dönemsel olarak turnuvalar da düzenleniyor. Bu turnuvalar üzerinden hem kazanım miktarınızı hem de tecrübenizi artırabilirsiniz. Dünyanın dört bir yanından rakipler ile turnuva kapsamında bir araya gelme olanakını elde edebilirsiniz. Turnuvaya katılım sağlamak için öncelikli olarak bir katılım ücreti ödemeniz gerekiyor. Bu katılım ücretleri üzerinden büyük ödül de şekillendirilecektir. Slot oyun seçenekleri sizin için turnuvanın odak noktası olacak ve heyecan kaynağınız hakline gelecek. Sadece maddi kazanım değil aynı zamanda bilgisayar veya telefon gibi büyük ödüller de sunuluyor.

Slot Oyunlarında Bütçe Analizi
Slot oyunlarında bütçe analizi sorunsuz bir halde şekillendirilmektedir. Bütçe analizi aracılığı ile tek bir tık ile harika bir verimliliği elde edebilirsiniz. Şansa dayalı olan sistemlerde kişilerin tek bir ele yüksek oranda yatırım yapmasından ziyade daha temkinli bir kullanım alanını belirlemesi daha mantıklı olacaktır.

Bütçe analizi yapmak bu süreç içerisinde en azından tecrübe kazanıncaya kadar bahis deneyiminizi daha güvenli bir hale getirecektir. Bahis sitesi harcamalarınızda bir sıkıntı fark ettiği anda oyun oynama miktarınıza limit koyabileceğinin de altının çizilmesi gerekiyor. Slot oyunları tüm verimliliği ile Marsbet ana sayfasında sizi bekliyor. Her biri farklı konseptte olan oyunlar he kullanıcı türünü memnun edebilmek için çok kapsamlı ve nitelikli bir halde tasarlanmıştır.

Canlı Casino Oyun Dalları nedir?
Bahis platformunda sadece klasik casino oyunlarına değil aynı zamanda canlı casino oyunlarına erişme olanakınız da bulunuyor. Bu alanda rakipleriniz biri elektronik sistem değil gerçek kişilerdir. Masa oyunları da dahil olmak üzere biroldukça farklı seçeneğe canlı casino oyunları üzerinden erişim sağlayabilirsiniz. Canlı casino oyunları kapsamında şu hususların göz önünde bulundurulması gerekiyor;

lu olan tüm adımlar anlık olarak atılır!

Roulette Oyununda Marsbet Güvencesi ile Şansınızı Deneyin!
Roulette Marsbet güvencesi ile oynandığı süre kazanım konusunda çığır aştırıyor! Siz de kısa bir süre içerisinde Marsbet güvencesi ile kazanım elde etmek ve oyunun tadını çıkarmak isterseniz en doğru noktada bulunuyorsunuz. Roulette oyun dalı ile alakalı kişilerin dikkate alması ihtiyaç duyulan hususlar;

Roulette oyun dalında çarkta yer alan sayılar ve renkler üzerine tahmin yapılması, çarkın çevrilmesi ve kişilerin kazanıp kazanmadığının incelenmesi üzerine kurulu bir oyun dalıdır.
Tam da bu nedenle kişilerin net bir stratejiye sahip olmamaları durumunda dahi anlık bir şekilde oyunda adım atabilirler. Şansa dayalı olması sebebiyle tüm oyun kuralları hakkında net bilgi sahibi olmasanız dahi oyunda aktif olmanızı mümkün kılar.
Fransız ruletinde 36 tane sayı bir adet de 0 bulunmaktadır. Amerikan ruletinde ise 36 adet sayı ve 2 tane sıfır bulunur. Amerikan ruleti ile Fransız ruletini birbirinden ayıran en temel özellik bu sıfır sayısıdır. Yapılan son geliştirmeler ile beraber son dönemlerde sitelerde 3 adet sıfır olan rulet seçenekleri olduğu dahi görülüyor.
  1. Yüzyıldan bu yana oynanan oyunda değişimler yaşanmaya devam etmektedir.
Siz de bu detayları ve sitede geçerli olan genel kuralları incelemeye alarak verimliliği maksimum dereceye çıkarabilirsiniz. Kazanım elde etmek roulette oyun dalı ile hem daha keyifli aynı zamanda kolay! Şansınızı deneyin ve tahminlerinizin doğru çıkmasını bekleyin.

Dream Catcher Sizi Bekliyor!
Dream Catcher sizin için şansın ve kazanımın en modern ve yeni adreslerinden biri tanesi olacaktır. Verimli ve sorunsuz bir kazanım elde etmek için en doğru noktalardan birinde bulunuyorsunuz. Dream Catcher yardımıyla mükemmel bir bahis deneyimi yakalayacaksınız. Bu oyun aslına bakılırsa çok tanıdık seçeneklerden bir tanesidir. Çarkıfelek olarak da bilinmektedir. Çarkıfelek yardımıyla hem nakit kazanıma aynı zamanda ödüllere sorunsuz bir halde erişim sağlama imkanını elde edebilirsiniz.

in yüksek verimliliği ile göz dolduracaktır! Bu branşta geçerli olan alt başlıklardan bazıları;

Virtual football world cup
Virtual horse classics
Virtual football asian cup
Virtual basketball league
Virtual tenis open
Virtual football league
Virtual dog race
Siz de bu seçenekler üzerinden hem oyun deneyimini elde edebiliri hem de keyifli bir şekilde kazanım elde edebilirsiniz. Oyunların çeşitliliğinin yüksek olması elde edilecek olan genel verimliliği de artıracak ve kullanıcıları memnun edecektir.

E-spor Seçeneklerinde Kazanımın keyfinı Çıkarın
E-spor seçenekleri kullananların en nitelikli ve yüksek kazanımlı şekilde işlem gerçekleştirebilecekleri seçenekler arasında bulunuyor. Normal koşullarda çevrimiçi oyunların bahis sistemine aktarılmış hali olarak da sıralanabilir. Bu anlamda en sevilen unsurlar;

bir biçimde kullanılmasının ve popülerliğinin artmasının temel sebebi de budur.

Golden Race

Marsbet bahis sitesinde yalnız spor bahisleri veya casino oyunlarında değil aynı zamanda Golden Race alanında da sorunsuz bir şekilde hizmet verilmektedir. Golden Race sizin için verimliliğin ve harika kazanımın adresi olacaktır. öteki tüm bahis dallarında olduğu gibi güvenilirliği çok yüksek bir seviyededir. Oyuna herhangi bir şekilde hile karışması da söz mevzusu değildir.

Golden Race Branşları nedir?
Golden Race branşları ile alakalı olarak kişilerin dikkate alması gereken hususlardan bazıları şu biçimde sıralanıyor;

Lig, Turnuvalar
Tazı ve Köpekler
Atlar, Motor Yarışları
Bu detaylar sizin için yüksek verimliliğin adreslerinden biri olacaktır. Golden Race aracılığı ile kazanımı en yüksek dereceye çıkarırken hem de oyun dallarının görsel kalitesi konusunda da harika bir fırsat elde edeceksiniz. Oyunlar size nerede ise oyunun içindeymiş gibi hissettirecek. Bu mükemmel sistem tüm görsel kalitesi ve verimliliği ile sizi bekliyor!

Keno Nedir?
TV oyunları denildiği vakit akla ilk olarak gelen seçeneklerin başında Keno geliyor. Bu oyun dalı ile alakalı olarak dikkate alınması ihtiyaç duyulan hususlardan bazıları;

Oyunda 80 adet top bulunmaktadır. Bu topların karıştırılmasının daha sonra otomatik olarak 20 adet top düşecektir.

Keno çekilişlerinde acaba hile uygulanır mı veya kullanıcıların bir grubu kayırılır mı benzer biçimde sorular da geliyor. Keno çekilişleri de dahil olmak üzere tüm şans oyunlarında uluslar arası komisyon tarafından gerekli olan denetimler yapılmaktadır. Bu alanda herhangi bir aksaklık meydana gelmeden sorunsuz şekilde çekiliş yapılacak ve kazanan belirlenecektir. Bu alanda yapılan nesnel değerlendirmeler de size harika bir halde yol gösterecektir. Piyasada yasadışı bahis siteleri içerisinde güvenliğe bu aşama dikkat eden farklı bir site alternatifi bulmanız çok zor!

1Bet iyi mi Oynanır?
1bet oyun branşında çekiliş kapsamında hangi numaraların çekileceği yahut hangi numaralarının çekilişten çıkmayacağı konusunda bahis yapmanıza imkan verilecektir. Elde edilecek olan verimliliğin en yüksek dereceye çıkması için özel bir alt yapı şekillendirilmiştir. Bu mükemmel sistem tüm verimliliği ve kapsamlı yapısı ile memnun bırakmaya devam ediyor!

Kazanım elde etmek sizin için kazanımın ve verimliliğin ortak noktası olacaktır. Bu alanda yapılan yorumlar da ne kadar kapsamlı bir verimliliğin bulunduğunu size gösterecektir. Kazanım elde etmek sizin için artık daha basit olacak. Siz de oyun kapsamında tecrübe elde ettikten sonrasında memnun kalmış olduğunız ya da kalmadığınız noktaları dile getirebilirsiniz.

TV Oyunlarında Hızlı Sistem
TV oyunları oldukca hızlı bir yükleme sistemini de içerisinde barındırmaktadır. Bu konuda bir problem meydana gelmemesi için özel bir alt yapı oluşturulmuştur. Oyunların temeli hız ve görsel kalite prensiplerine uygun bir halde hizmet vermektedir. Verimli bir karşılaşma yaşamak War da dahil olmak üzere tüm TV oyunlarında verimliliği ile dikkat çekecektir. Bu görsel kalitede bir problem meydana gelmemesi için sizin de sitenin görsel unsurlarını kaldırabilecek cihazlar ile erişimi tamamlamanız gerekiyor.

Marsbet Finansal İşlemler
Marsbet kullanıcılarının etken bir şekilde işlemlerini tamamlamaları için finansal işlemleri net şekilde tamamlamaları gerekiyor. Finansal işlemler kapsamında hem kişisel bilgilerin korunması aynı zamanda yöntemlerin temel verimliliği ile alakalı olarak tüm detaylar tarafınıza sunulacaktır. Piyasada Marsbet kadar nitelikli ve sorunsuz bir alt yapının geçerli olduğu, finansal işlem hızının bu aşama üst seviyede olduğu farklı bir promosyon bulunmuyor!

arından istifade ederken herhangi bir bakiye sorunu ile karşılaşmamasıdır.

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Xavier DuPont de Ligonnès Article from Society, 6 Aug 2020, Part 2C [English]

Xavier DuPont de Ligonnès Article from Society, 6 Aug 2020, Part 2C [English]
Previous Section-Part 2B
Chapter 9

Highways and dead ends

The hunt for Xavier Ligonnès is enough to drive you crazy. It’s like looking for a lost object, a bank card for example, of which we can determine the exact moment of disappearance: we used it to pay, it was there, and the next moment it is not there anymore. Logic dictates that we look for it where we usually store it (a wallet, a handbag), then where it could be (a back pocket of pants, a hall cabinet), and the less we find it , the more we seem to see it everywhere. Faced with absence, the brain constructs images (the credit card in an office drawer, as a bookmark in a book, forgotten on the counter of the last store) but these are fictions or mirages; they encourage further research but they do not provide a solution. Xavier Ligonnès’s apparent volatilization follows the same logic and produces the same effects on the investigation. The more weeks and months go by, the more places to look get smaller. Emmanuel Teneur ends up leading the investigators to the Société Générale agency on Place Royale in Nantes, but the safe he holds there is simply empty. A request for information on Joven Soliman is sent to the security attaché for the French Embassy in the Philippines. He is a sedevacantist priest, a fringe of traditionalist Catholicism who considers the Pope to be an imposter. The attaché transmits the hours of mass where he officiates. A trip to the Philippines is being considered, but that would mean going to the other side of the world to look for a needle in the thousands of islands of the archipelago. If this track has never been closed, nothing has supported it to date.
Since we must push logic to the end, the investigators even contact the American authorities to corroborate or contradict the story of protected witnesses told by Ligonnès in his famous letter. The DEA has never heard of the individual, and the liaison officer based at the Miami consulate assures us that his last trip to the United States was in 2003: Ligonnès arrived in Florida on July 18 and left on August 22. The study of his entourage also did not highlight anyone capable of providing false papers to the fugitive, and if he had gone through a criminal network, the police believed that an informant would undoubtedly have warned them to protect himself.
Then there are the news reports: the portrait of Ligonnès goes around France, and even if he has undoubtedly changed his physical appearance, his hairstyle, perhaps had even resorted to cosmetic surgery, someone, somewhere, might recognize him one day. After all, that’s how John List, a New Jersey insurance salesman who killed his wife and mother in 1971, was arrested. He waited for two of his children to return from school to coldly shoot them, then attended his youngest son’s football game before shooting bullets through him at home. He evaded justice for 18 years until a co-worker recognized him from a report on America’s Most Wanted.
Rarely has a criminal case given rise to as many appeals as that of Ligonnès, because his stalking not only bewitches the police, it torments an entire country. More than 1000 reports, thousands of pages of depositions, letters, verifications. You have to imagine the miles of printed paper that this represents when they are stacked on a desk. The most recent: in July, after the broadcast of a Netflix documentary on the subject in the United States, the producers of the film claimed to have received an interesting lead in Chicago; but it’s just one more drop in the bucket. Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès has been seen in Annecy, Nancy, Cholet, Corsica (several times); on the side of a road, thumbs up, by a French tourist in Las Vegas; disguised as a chimney sweep in Nîmes; in a hotel in Cantal and in a pizzeria where he paid cash in a hurry; seen again in Germany, in Italy, and heard on the telephone by the reception of the psychiatric hospital of Troyes. Since he disappeared looking like the ordinary neighbor, since he was a representative and his profession has taken him to all corners of France, there is no less reason to see him in Mulhouse than in Roche-sur-Yon, and you can simply see him everywhere.
Aire de Lançon-Provence in July 2020
Extracts: “It was the same look, except that he looked very sad, in the west, but he had the same glasses as in the photo you are showing me”; “He looked like a man like everyone else, but there was something odd in his eyes;” “Yesterday, around 1:00 pm, I was watching the news on television on the TFI channel. I saw a report where an individual killed his children and his wife before disappearing into the wild. (...) Seeing the gentleman in the photo, I made the connection with the person whom I had crossed Sunday afternoon because he had the same smile.” At the Vauvert tourist office: “I hardly look at the news, but Thursday evening I saw the photo of Mr. Ligonnès, I had the impression of having already seen him, my heart was racing.” Between Carpentras and Avignon, when he comes back from the bakery, the manager of one of Nicolas Sarkozy’s brothers crosses paths with a man with a beige bob, which he is certain is the fugitive. “I flashed,” he says. “For me, there is no doubt. This is him.” Still more letters are sent to the police to offer them help. An amateur astrologer requests a copy of the suspect’s birth certificate to establish a birth chart, a woman in child-like writing recommended a great medium who had helped her find her daughter who had become a junkie in Marseille. A prisoner asked in writing to be sent to Guinea to go hunt him down in the jungle, attaching to his letter a list of the necessary equipment, including infrared glasses and a “samurai sword.”
With each letter, with each phone call to report a suspicious individual, investigators attempt to cross-reference the information. They patiently collect the testimonies of the depositors to know where Xavier Ligonnès was seen, if he was accompanied or not, what was his size and his outfit. Inconsistent testimonies or those referring to individuals who are too young (Ligonnès would be 59 years old today) and too small (he measures a little over 1.80 meters) are discarded. For the others, investigators check the CCTV recordings, when they have not been erased and when the cameras have actually recorded on tape. If the person has been spotted pumping gasoline, in a Géant Casino, or in a Courtepaille, they trace the means of payment used and seize the duplicates of bank cards. They give priority to the restaurants, especially the Buffalo Grill, Ligonnès’ favorite establishment. And when the trail is still hot and the dishes haven’t been done yet, they collect DNA from the plates and cutlery. A few months after the start of the investigation, the investigating judge in charge of the case will even be forced to ask them to slow down, the seals starting to take on the appearance of a china cabinet in a large restaurant.
The Total service station in Lançon-Provence, July 2020
The PJ of Nantes believed on several occasions to finally have in hand the winning ticket and to be on the point of intercepting Ligonnès. This was the case in Borgo, where a photo taken from the video surveillance of a supermarket in this small Corsican town was very similar. Upon verification, it was only a local. They believed in it even more in January 2018 when they were told that an individual with a strong resemblance to Xavier Ligonnès was at the Saint-Désert Notre-Dame de Pitié monastery near Roquebrune-sur-Argens. About twenty police officers raided and searched the premises until they came across Brother Jean-Marie Joseph, who certainly looked disturbingly like Ligonnès, but who was not him. In still other cases, the police were never able to “close the track,” and it is perhaps Ligonnès who was seen.
For example, in Lançon-Provence, April 26, 2011. That day, at 2:44 am, Mahjoub B., a handler by profession, parks his vehicle at the Total service station after the Lançon-Provence toll. He fills up, then goes to the store to pay. On his way, he passes a 45- to 50-year-old man, about six feet tall, who hangs out there between the gas pumps and the store. When he returns to his vehicle, his colleague asks him if he has seen the man, whom he is convinced is the one everyone is looking for, the one who killed his family in Nantes. Mahjoub then takes a new look at the individual, notices that he is wearing glasses, light jeans, that he has brown hair a little graying and a beard of a day. At his feet, four rigid shopping bags, one red, one white, one brown and one whose color he cannot distinguish. Inside the store, employees also noticed the individual. He’s been out for almost three hours. At one point, he walks in to ask for free coffee, as part of a promotion. Behind her cash register, Jocelyne H. notes a detail: he is missing a tooth. “The second on the left, I believe,” she says when heard by investigators. This is information that has never filtered out and yet, it’s true – a little detail, Xavier Ligonnès was missing a tooth. Little by little, the space has filled in, but you can always see it when he smiles. The images from the station’s surveillance cameras are confusing: if this man is not the one we are looking for, it must be his twin brother. At 3 a.m., the cameras show him hitchhiking by a Volkswagen Combi, which investigators quickly find. The driver’s name is Christophe B. He has not heard of the case, and he must be one of the only ones in the country; but Christophe is no longer listening to the news because, he says, “the news is bad all the time.” From the hitchhiker on the night of the 25th to the 26th, he remembers that he “did not smell very good” and that he had a growing beard. They didn’t discuss much. The man simply told him that he was coming from Paris where he had gone to see “his sick old father,” and that he wanted to take the train to Aix-en-Provence. Christophe dropped him off at a motorway exit, the 30 or the 31, between 4 a.m. and 4.15 a.m. The surveillance cameras at Aix train station allow you to get back on track. He is filmed on the forecourt at 6 am, he wears light pants, a dark jacket. He buys a ticket at 1.20 euro, free destination. Then we lose track.
Despite all the checks, despite all the cameras, it will be impossible to track this man perfectly resembling Dupont de Ligonnès, who could nevertheless have confirmed that he was, at least on this date, still alive.
How can one suddenly evaporate in plain sight, and how could a man who has collected chess all his life accomplish this feat? The XDDL mystery makes it possible to scaffold all the theories. These flourish in books, in docudramas and, of course, on the Internet. We imagine Ligonnès protected by the secrecy of a monastery, flown to the United States, where he can go unnoticed thanks to his English without an accent, or even on the escape alongside a woman he would have manipulated. The police officers in charge of the case do not work on theories or psychological profiles, but according to a scientific approach: they always start from a fact, which opens a track, which they then explore until the end, close, and move on to another. This method is also a way to protect yourself from endless guesswork, or insanity, but it doesn’t always work. Several times, the track looks like a highway towards the fugitive, and the police are convinced that they will finally close this investigation. But they end up stumbling upon the worst thing ever, as was the case with the allusion to Emmanuel Teneur’s sailboat: coincidences.
Coincidence number 1. When the Ligonnès C5 was discovered in the Formula 1 car park in Roquebrune, the night watchman informed them that two reservations had been made in the name of Dupont Xavier, one on April 5 and the another on April 14. The hotel manager then specifies that the first reservation was actually made for April 6. That day, however, XDDL was in Nantes, probably digging the grave of Thomas, murdered the day before. Had he thought of accomplishing his crimes earlier or had he reserved a room for an accomplice, who might have been hiding something for him? The videos of April 5 and 6 are no longer available, but payment for the room was made with a Crédit Agricole credit card. The number gives a name, Faiçal E., and an address. Could it be an accomplice? The checks are launched immediately lead to a man who simply used “Dupont Xavier” as an assumed name - like Ligonnès - to book a night in the same hotel, the same year, the same month, within ten days.
Coincidence number 2. The liaison officer in Miami launches research around the various aliases used by XDDL, for operations of “mystery shopper” or to stay in hotels. In the FBI file, he finds a certain Xavier Laurent, one of Ligonnès’s favorite nicknames, installed in Jacksonville, north of Florida. Jacksonville is not just any city. This is where Hugues, the cousin of XDDL lived, and it is also this locality that Ligonnès and his friend Michel Rétif declared to customs in 1990 during their trip to the United States. At the very end of the personalized letter sent to Michel on April 8, Xavier Ligonnès seemed to allude to it: “I will think about you there. (Not the right to tell you where, but you went there with November 90…a clue to dig. LOL).” But this Xavier Laurent is another twist of fate: the police come across a certain Evan Shaffer, a petty criminal who has chosen this alias to commit crimes.
Coincidence number 3. Ten days before the crimes, XDDL reconnects with a childhood sweetheart, Catherine K., whom he met in Versailles in the 1980s. Between March 22 and 24, they exchange text messages and try to find a date to meet the week of April 12, in Chamonix. These messages intrigue the investigators, some answers seem surprising, almost illogical, and they suspect Ligonnès of having wanted to ensure a logistical relay in his escape. A little later, a certain Patrick O. reports having seen XDDL in the queue of a Sixt car rental agency at Nice airport on April 17, 2011. By peeling the names of dozens of people having rented a car that day, the police officers miss the infarction: in capital letters, white on black, appears the surname of Catherine, who would have rented a vehicle at 1:30 am. A few hours later, their heart rate drops again: it was only a perfect disambiguation.
Each coincidence causes the same chain of reactions. First a eureka!, the certainty of having finally found the tiny detail from which to trace everything. The police then cast their nets like fishermen on the high seas, telephone or banking requisitions, requests for listings, identity checks. Then they wait. It can last from a few hours to several weeks, and inevitably it is a burning, nagging wait, tense by the fear that the track will fly away. Finally, there is the immense disappointment and the obligation to face reality again: Xavier Ligonnès is still nowhere to be found, a track has flown again, and we have to hoist the rock up the mountain again. Those who have worked or are still working on the affair strive to maintain a cold, rational, police facade. But little by little, by dint of chasing a shadow - not even a shadow, a ghost - obsession lurks. One of them, a police officer with a professional Protestant pastor, now out of the investigation, still returned until recently to consult the investigation file every week, saying he simply wanted to put the 12,000 pages of documents in order. For a year, a criminal analyst has also been mobilized. He enters all the elements of the file in a software which digests them and spits out, perhaps, new threads to draw. In the meantime, the two police officers who are still following the investigation - one at the PJ in Nantes, one at the OCRVP, in Paris - “live” the case, as their colleagues say. Among these thousands of pages there is no doubt a clue that has gone unnoticed or, better, a lead that has not yet been explored.
Track number 1. Who typed “fraternité saint-thomas becket” on Google on April 3 at 11:34 pm, before clicking on a link in the Cité-Catholique forum? Is it the same person who, the same night at 2:01 am, from an iPhone, did the search for “communion state mortal sin,” bringing it to the same forum? On April 8, the user of this phone will in any case send the search engine the request “hello Chacou”, which will lead him (her) again to the Cité-Catholique forum. Chacou was one of the pseudonyms of Xavier Ligonnès. Investigators saw crazier coincidences, but still: can it really be someone other than Xavier Ligonnès, who himself connected to Cité-Catholique almost every day of his escape? The last article published on the site about Saint-Thomas Becket, an ultra-traditionalist fraternity which practices mass in Latin, dates from January 2009. It indicates the name of its founder, Father Jean-Pierre Gac, and specifies this: “Born in the diocese of Blois where there are two communities (…), the fraternity has also extended in the diocese of Toulon - a parish is also entrusted to them in Ollioules.” Ollioules is located six kilometers from La Seyne-on-Mer, where XDDL spent its penultimate known night, and 94 kilometers from Roquebrune. Jean-Pierre Gac was questioned by the police but claimed to have never been in contact with the fugitive. Investigators have always believed in the possibility that Ligonnès took refuge in a monastery in the Var. They considered to search them one by one, before understanding that there are dozens and dozens of brotherhoods and fraternities, that they are not always castles of the Purple Rivers but sometimes simple farms, lost in the hinterland. To mount a search, it would be necessary to ensure that they do not communicate with each other, and therefore to visit them all at the same time. The examining magistrate quickly tempered the fervor of the police and declared the operation impossible.
Track number 2. Xavier Ligonnès had two secret Facebook accounts. The first is named after his favorite country singer, Waylon Jennings. One of his nieces had also found him a month before the crimes, sending him a message, “but who is behind this nickname?,” to which XDDL had immediately replied “How did you manage to arrive on the Waylon Jennings Facebook profile? Too clever! Microsoft Advantage??? Kiss.” The second account concerns a certain “George Town” residing in Nantes and is linked to one of Ligonnès’ many email addresses, [email protected]. The police send a requisition to the management of Facebook in Palo Alto to obtain the creation and connection logs of the two profiles. The answer comes in days: the first was created in February 2010, the second in December 2007, when France had barely discovered the social network. Above all, the response indicates that Ligonnès connected to the two accounts on the night of April 4 to 5, between the first assassinations and that of Thomas. The profiles have since been deleted but suggest he could have used them to communicate with a third party. Catherine K., the youthful lover that XDDL contacted a few days before the tragedy, also reported to the police that she had been approached by a certain Philippe Steiner, whom she did not know, around May 20. He sent her a strange message, suggesting that they might have had a relationship in the past. When she went to respond, the profile had already been deleted. Today there are almost 100 Facebook accounts on behalf of Waylon Jennings, some are created and deleted every day.
Track number 3. When the Ligonnès family is having their last meal on April 3, 2011, around 9 pm, a young woman walks through the glass doors of the police station on Place Waldeck-Rousseau in Nantes. Originally from a small village near Vannes, Julie is a BTS student and comes to file a complaint: the Twingo that her father lets her drive has been broken into, probably during the night. There was not much inside, but Julie reported the theft of her car radio as well as the vehicle’s logbook, which she normally stored in a small Renault gray faux leather pouch. This same pouch was found on April 22 in the dresser of the Ligonnès living room where Xavier used to store his papers, during the investigation the day after the discovery of the bodies. The police did not follow this track: they put the break-in of Julie’s car on the account of one of the Ligonnès sons, Arthur, who had already been arrested for theft of a bicycle and driving under the influence of cannabis. But why would Arthur have taken the vehicle papers with the car stereo, and why would he put them in the middle of his father’s papers? And if the theft was committed by Xavier Ligonnès a few hours before killing his family, how can this be explained? Was he able to steal other identity papers to facilitate his escape?
In this case, it is always about cars. Those imported by XDDL from the United States, the Citroën C5 from the escape, the vehicles he claimed had been stolen over the years: the first at the Brest police station in 1998, while living in Pornic, a second at the same time at the Saint-Nazaire police station, and then again, in Nantes, on May 17, 2006, a Golf convertible finally found then sold a few months later to a mechanic, a friend of Cédric M.
Cédric M. is never far away when it comes to cars. He is also a mechanic, that’s how Ligonnès met him in Vannes a few years earlier. He is one of the recipients of the departure letter, therefore a close friend. He was even the first employee of the RDC. Ligonnès regularly went to visit him in Locmalo in the heart of Morbihan, a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Nantes. With Cédric and his partner, Renaud, they went to the local creperie. They had lunch there together on March 31, 2011, four days before the crimes. In the village, it is said that Ligonnès took care of the dark accounts of the “guys,” who have quite a reputation. Could he have built up a slush fund there that no one would have found until now? Cédric and Renaud’s garage is not indicated by any sign. It is at the end of a road. In the yard, wrecks of American cars and a goat on a leash. Inside, Renaud is working on a shiny yellow Cadillac. His attitude is confusing. He is angry with the police who have never come to question him when he is, according to him, “the last to have seen [Xavier] alive. But I will not tell you when, because that the date is important,” he adds before returning to his Cadillac, wrench in hand.
To date, Renaud has still not been heard by investigators.
At the same time, reports continue to flow.
Ligonnès seen in Mulhouse, on the four lanes between Saint-Brieuc and Rennes in a Peugeot 308 and overtaking on the right, Ligonnès seen again in Tunis and Toulouse.
Ligonnès seen, but never caught.

Next Section-Part 2D
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Lions are always a particularly welcome sight during Mega Moolah real money play, since they offer a 2x multiplier for wins they're involved in and are worth the biggest standard jackpots. It's that jackpot wheel, which we'll talk more about below, that you really want to watch out for though.

RTP & Volatility in Mega Moolah Slot

In a casino game such as Mega Moolah, RTP (Return To Player) percentage refers to the amount of money that a theoretical player would get back over an infinite number of playing sessions.
This number will always be below 100% for slots, but that doesn't mean that every player ultimately loses on slots. In fact, the big wins associated with these games are what bring this figure down. Officially, the Mega Moolah RTP stands at 88.12%.
We should point out, however, that this doesn't take the game's progressive jackpots into account. When you factor these in, the game's RTP jumps to around 96%, which is roughly the average for most online slots.
If you're unfamiliar with the concept of volatility, you can think of a game's volatility as referring to the level of risk associated with it. For example, a game with high volatility is 'riskier' to play than a low volatility game. In general, games with a lower RTP% have higher volatility.
As expected, playing a Mega Moolah online slot has quite a high volatility when you take into account how rarely the game pays out its large progressive jackpots. Surprisingly, volatility during standard play is fairly low and you can expect quite a few wins. For most players, it's this and the lure of a huge payout that makes it worth sticking with the game.
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How Does Mega Moolah Winnings Compare to Other Slot Games?

Mega Moolah holds two spots on the list of the top five biggest online slot jackpots ever paid out, and one of them is the number one spot. It's fair to say that the Mega Moolah slot is unparalleled when it comes to big payouts, with only NetEnt's Mega Fortune coming close to touching it.

Mega Moolah Jackpot Bonus

Mega Moolah's standard bonus round, which features 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier, can actually be pretty lucrative. That might come as a surprise when you consider the enormity of its progressive jackpot offerings.
While a round of Mega Moolah free spins can't compare with the Mega Jackpot, we're sure you'll be more than happy to sit back and enjoy them.
If you're really lucky, you might find yourself faced with a random appearance of the Mega Moolah jackpot bonus wheel. Once you've composed yourself, spin the wheel to win a Mini, Minor, Major or Mega jackpot.
Starting at $10, $100, $10,000 and $1,000,000 respectively, there's no doubt that your fingers should be crossed for the Major or Mega jackpot. However, any one of them can help to pad your bankroll or give you a nice little payout.
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Mega Moolah Free Play

In most reviews, this is where we would recommend that you try playing a Mega Moolah free online game before you start wagering real money. Unfortunately, we can't do that in this case because it's not possible to play Mega Moolah for free.
The reason behind this is that, because the game's jackpot is progressive, free players can not actively contribute to that jackpot, so are excluded. The good news, however, is that the game offers some very low minimum bets so you can take it for a spin without hurting your bankroll too much.
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Spin Casino 60 gratis spins and 100 free bonus (register now)

Spin Casino 60 gratis spins and 100 free bonus (register now)

Spin Casino Gratis Spins and Free Bonuses
Sign up with Spin Casino and benefit from 60 Gratis Spins on Immortal Romance slot by Microgaming. Plus, you will be rewarded with a 100% welcome bonus up to a hefty $1000!!!
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Spin Casino Review

There’s nothing quite like watching the colorful symbols of a slot machine spin as the anticipation of Lady Luck showering you with riches builds to a fever pitch, is there?
That’s what Spin Casino is all about, and today I’m going to show you everything there is to know about it.
Pull up a stool beside me and grab yourself a beverage, because I’m going to be pressing all the buttons, unlocking all the features, and assessing whether or not this casino is rigged or straight.
By the time our session is done today, you’ll know just about everything there is to know about Spin Casino.
So, is this one likely to pay out the jackpot, or is it a flop that never pays no matter how much you feed into it?
We’re going to find out all of that and more in this Spin Casino review!

Is Spin Casino Legit?

Yes, Spin Casino is a legit online gambling site. I know this for the following reasons:
  • It has gaming licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • This is a Microgaming casino. These guys don’t work with swindlers and con artists. Their reputation is pure gold in this industry
  • It’s run by the Palace Group. They’re highly reputable and run several other well-known casinos such as Spin Palace and Ruby Fortune.

About Spin Casino

I’m a little like the Kojak of online casinos, minus the lollipop and shades. I don’t just take things at face value – I investigate and try to find out all I can about the operator. I’m happy to report that what I found out about Spin Casino is impressive.
As you can see, everything about this casino passes the initial smell test. It’s 100% legitimate and is run by highly professional operators. The fact that all of the games are powered by Microgaming means eCOGRA has tested the payouts and verified them fair. As far as I’m concerned, that’s awesome news.
I always like to make a comment on the site design. This one looks fantastic! It’s got a bright pink and white theme, and everything is laid out in logical, common-sense order. That goes for the mobile site, too. I visited on both Android and iOS devices, and it was a dream to use.
>> Get Free Spins Now <<

The Good Stuff

Every gambling site has its strengths and weaknesses. This one is no exception. Here’s what I like about Spin Casino.

Highly Reputable Operator

I always like knowing I’m in safe hands when gambling online.
This casino is run by one of the big hitters in the iGaming industry – The Palace Group. That means everything runs professionally, and you’ll be in the hands of pros.
They’ve been around since 2001 and count themselves as part of the Prima Network. As one of the largest networks in the world, they safely support over 500,000 registered players.

Huge Selection of World-Class Games

Most of the games at this casino are powered by Microgaming, with the exception of the live dealer games, which are powered by Evolution Gaming/Ezugi.
There are over 600 games in total including slot machines, video poker, table and card games, and the aforementioned live dealer games.

Sports Betting Available

I like a cheeky punt on soccer and boxing matches, and I’m glad that I’ll be able to place my bets while playing casino games at the same time. The sportsbook is technically a separate site, but it’s all operated by the same firm, and you can navigate to it straight from

The Bad Stuff

I’ve yet to come across a gambling site that scores perfect marks in every category. This one has a few flaws, too.

No Poker Tournaments

As one of the few game types not supported by Spin Casino, if you like to challenge other players in Texas Hold’em or Omaha tournaments, you’ll have to do so elsewhere.
While they don’t appear to have anything against them, there are no dedicated poker rooms or tournaments available for players.

No US Players

It’s no secret that US players have a hard time finding online casinos that accept them. Unfortunately, this is yet another that doesn’t. Don’t worry, though, because we have a full list of US gambling sites that will welcome you with open arms.
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Game Selection

This is what I like to call a “full-scale” online casino, meaning whatever type of game you want to play, you’ll be able to do so here. You’ll find hundreds of slots, dozens of video poker games, and lots of digital and live dealer blackjack/roulette games.
In this section, I’ll show you everything you need to know about these games, which firms power them, and how much they’ll cost you to play.


The casino games at Spin Casino are powered by Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, and Ezugi. If you know about casino games at all, you’ll already know that these are top-level operators who produce world-class, fair, reliable casino games.
That tells me everything I need to know in advance – the gaming experience here will be second to none. Nonetheless, let’s look at the games in more detail. I’ll show you exactly what games are available in each category and what I make of them.


If you love to spin the reels in the hope of landing that one payout that changes it all, you’ll be spoiled for choice here. I love slots, and I recommend the following games at Spin Casino:
  • 108 Heroes
  • Agent Jane Blonde
  • Bar Bar Black Sheep
  • Bikini Party
  • Candy Dreams
  • Treasure Nile (Jackpot)
  • Dragon Dance
  • Dream Date
  • Exotic Cats
  • Forbidden Throne
  • Frozen Diamonds
  • Game of Thrones
  • Girls With Guns
  • Mega Moolah (Jackpot)
  • Immortal Romance
  • Shoot
  • Titans of the Sun
  • King Cashalot (Jackpot)
  • Bridezilla
  • Gold Factory
  • Jekyll & Hyde
  • Thunderstruck II
  • White Buffalo
There are currently 315 slots available at Spin Casino. Since they’re powered by Microgaming, it probably doesn’t need to be stated that they’re all world-class games. You can try all of them in “demo mode” if you want to experiment with any of them.

Video Poker

If you’ve read any of my casino reviews before, you’ll already know that I play video poker more than any other game. It’s the strategy, you see. I love knowing that I have some control and that my skill will be rewarded, rather than being at the mercy of chance alone.
If you feel the same way, check out the following games:
  • Aces & Eights
  • Aces & Faces
  • All Aces
  • Deuces Wild
  • Deuces Wild Bonus Poker
  • Double Double Bonus Poker
  • Jacks or Better
  • All American Poker
  • Bonus Poker
  • Bonus Poker Deluxe
  • Deuces & Joker
  • Double Bonus Poker
  • Double Joker Poker
  • Hold’em High Gold Series
  • Joker Poker
  • Louisiana Double Poker
  • Tens or Better
These video poker games are powered by Quickfire/Microgaming. You’ll be able to bet between $1 and $25 per hand. The games are flawless and run as smooth as silk.
As with the other games, you can play these games for free. This will allow you to assess their quality for yourself and test your video poker strategies.

Table Games

You just can’t beat good old table and card games. They make a casino what it is, don’t they? You’ll be able to play the following games and variants at Spin Casino:
  • Atlantic City Blackjack
  • Classic Blackjack
  • European Blackjack Gold Series
  • Vegas Blackjack Gold Series
  • Vegas Strip Gold Series
  • Big Five Blackjack
  • Bonus Blackjack Gold Series
  • Double Exposure Blackjack
  • HiLo 13 European Blackjack
  • Perfect Pairs European Blackjack
  • Vegas Downtown Blackjack
  • Spanish Blackjack Gold Series
  • Super Fun 21
  • Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • Multi Wheel Roulette
  • Premier Roulette
  • Diamond Edition Roulette
  • Spingo
  • Wheel of Riches
  • Baccarat
  • Baccarat Gold Series
  • Craps
I love that all the games are offered in demo mode here. There were a few variants I hadn’t played in a while, and I was able to familiarize myself with them again without playing for real money. I suggest you check them out for yourself, and you’ll see that they’re all high-quality.
Bets range from $0.50 to $500. Whether you’re a high-stakes player or are more conservative, you’ll be welcome here.
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Live Casino

Live casino games are the present and the future of online table and card games, and you’ll be able to play the best of them here. Check out the following games:
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Casino Hold ‘Em
  • Dream Catcher
  • Football Studio
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em
  • Dragon Tiger Live
  • Roulette
  • Shangri La Roulette
  • Lightning Roulette
The live games are powered by Evolution Gaming and Ezugi, which now flies under the Evolution Gaming banner. Unlike most of the other games here, you’ll have to pay to play these from the start. There are no demo modes or free play versions available.
You can sit and watch for a while, but when you’re ready to play, you’ll be able to bet from $0.10 to $5,000, depending on the game and variant.

My Favorite Find at Spin Casino

My favorite find at Spin Casino is my favorite slot ever – Thunderstruck II. It’s probably Microgaming’s best game of all time and has truly stood the test of time.
With a cool “Norse gods” theme and a cracking multi-level free spins round, you don’t want to miss this game. It doesn’t have the biggest jackpot Microgaming has to offer, but it’s highly entertaining and could put a healthy balance in your account.


If you like having a punt on games, matches, fights, and sporting events of various stripes and colors, you’ll be happy here. You can bet on the following sports:
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Ice Hockey
  • American Football
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket
  • Rugby Union
  • Rugby League
  • Esports
  • Specials
  • Virtual Sports
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • Badminton
  • Futsal
  • Winter Sports
  • MMA
  • Snooker
  • Baseball
  • Cycling
  • Many More!
You’ll find all of the sports you can bet on listed on the left-hand menu. Some of the more popular sports are also listed on a sticky menu at the top of the main lobby page.
It’s a fairly straightforward sportsbook, although it is modern and interactive in terms of its design. There are no special features to speak of. That’s not a bad thing, in my view. I prefer simple and to the point rather than complex and convoluted, but that’s just me.
The most important thing is that this is a user-friendly site. Whether you’re using a desktop or mobile device, you’ll be able to find everything easily and will find all sports and events categorized in an intuitive, logical way.
The ability to view odds in decimal, fractional, and American formats wins major points with me. It’s these little things that show Spin Sports has put time and effort into making the user experience as enjoyable as possible. There’s nothing worse than having to convert odds in your head or on some notepaper.
The site is 100% mobile-friendly. I visited on my Android phone and found it a breeze to use. You’ll see all of the popular sports on a sticky menu at the top, there’s a search feature so you can quickly find action on sports you love, and you’ll see all of the current and upcoming events right below that.
There are no apps, but that’s okay. The mobile site is so easy to use that you won’t need them anyway.


The esports sector is on fire right now, and it’s great to see Spin Sports embracing it. You’ll find action on Dota 2, CS:GO, LoL, Starcraft 2, Rainbow Six, and Rocket League.
Leagues include the European Championship, Dream League, The United Masters League, and various other global leagues and tournaments. If esports is your thing, you’ll be happy here.

Live Betting

No modern sports betting site would be complete without enabling live/in-play betting. You’ll be able to bet on soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, golf, futsal, and table tennis.
There are lots of betting markets across these sports, but let’s focus on the most popular sport for in-play betting – soccer. You can wager on total score, next team to score, penalties, total goals in each half, results in each half, and lots of proposition bets such as the outcomes of corners, free kicks, and many other things.
I’ve seen some sites with a bigger range of live betting markets, but if this isn’t enough for you, it might be wise to seek help because you probably have a problem.


Spin Casino has a great welcome bonus and a unique way of rewarding ongoing players. As you’ll see, rather than a bunch of gimmicky bonuses for each day of the week, you’ll win regular rewards by spinning a bonus wheel. This adds an element of excitement into the mix, and I like it a lot.
Let’s check those bonuses out then, shall we?

Welcome Bonus

As a new player, Spin Casino will give you three separate deposit bonuses to get you started. Here’s what you can get:
  1. You can get 100% up to $400
  2. You’ll get another 100% up to $300
  3. Then you’ll be eligible for another 100% bonus up to $300
The minimum deposit required to activate this is $10, and the wagering requirements are 50x. Those could be a little lower, but it’s a big bonus, so we can make allowances.

Bonus Wheel

Rather than lots of ongoing daily and weekly promotions, Spin Casino has come up with a unique and innovative way to make sure you’re rewarded often.
You’ll regularly be offered free spins on the bonus wheel and will win free spins, cash credits, deposit bonuses, loyalty points, and more.
Of course, standard wagering requirements apply. You didn’t think the casino would give you freebies and let you walk away, did ya?

Spin Sports Free Bet

If you decide to make use of the sports betting service, you’ll be eligible for a $200 free bet bonus. It’s a deposit match offer worth 100% of whatever you deposit, with $10 being the minimum and $200 being the maximum.
This is a straightforward deal. There are two main stipulations you need to be aware of – you’ll have to claim the offer within 7 days, and 5x playthrough requirements apply at odds of 1.3 or greater.
>> Get Free Spins Now <<


Let’s now take a look at the banking options available. This is a section I always pay particular attention to since it tells me lots about the gambling site. If there are any hidden nasties, I’ll normally find them here.
There are no extra deposit or withdrawal fees, but do check with your bank or card issuer. Some payment providers do charge extra fees for gambling transactions.
There are plenty of ways to make deposits and withdrawals here. Note that the withdrawal method you use will have to be the same as your deposit method thanks to anti-money laundering laws.
You can’t use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum at this casino. Perhaps that’ll change in the future.
The maximum withdrawal you can make in a 24-hour period is $10,000.

Deposit Methods

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Instadebit
  • iDebit
  • eCheck
  • Much Better
  • Paysafecard
  • Neosurf
  • ecoPayz
  • Flexepin
  • Instant Banking

Withdrawal Methods

  • Visa
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • ecoPayz
  • Neosurf
  • eCheck
  • iDebit
  • Instant Banking

VIP Program

Spin Casino has a multi-level loyalty club with progressive benefits. That means each time you reach a new level, you’ll unlock a bunch of new rewards.
There are six levels in all – Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Prive.
As with most loyalty schemes, you’ll earn points. Each 1,000 “Club Points” will be worth $10. Here’s what’s on offer at the various levels:
  • Blue – You’ll get access to exclusive tournaments and $500
  • Silver – You’ll receive the same benefits as blue level, but your bonus will be worth $1,000
  • Gold – At this level, you’ll get all the perks of silver, but your bonus will increase to $2,000, and you’ll unlock access to new tournaments
  • Platinum – Here, you’ll get all the gold-level perks plus a $5,000 bonus, access to exclusive tournaments, and your own account manager who you can contact 24/7
  • Diamond – At this level, your bonus will be worth $7,500, you’ll get your own VIP territory manager, and you’ll have access to your own personal phone number
  • Prive – Your monthly bonuses will be worth $10,000 at this level, you’ll get all the diamond-level perks, plus invitations to global events, and exclusive gifts and bonuses
All in all, this is a generous VIP program albeit a standard one in terms of format. You’ll be well rewarded here.

Customer Service

If you need to reach out about anything, which you will at some point no matter how good a casino is, you have the following options.
Email – There’s an email form on the site that you can submit comments and questions through. Expect a reply within 24 hours.
Live Chat – A much faster way to get in touch is via live chat. I did have to wait roughly two minutes before getting connected, but the answers I got regarding bonus offers were satisfactory, and the live chat agent was friendly.
I’d like to see a telephone hotline option, but this is good enough for now, and the service is fine. Perhaps as this casino grows, telephone support will be added.

Would I Play at Spin Casino?

Yes, I’d most definitely play at this casino, and in fact, I will be doing just that from now on. It’s rare that a casino I review wins me over as a player, but this one has done the trick.
If you’re after world-class games (and plenty of them), ongoing bonuses and rewards, fair banking policies, and solid customer support, look no further – you’ve found your site in Spin Casino.
Go ahead and check it out for yourself. We promise you’ll like it!
>> Get Free Spins Now <<
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Royal Vegas Casino 120 free spins on Mega Moolah no depoosit bonus

Royal Vegas Casino 120 free spins on Mega Moolah no depoosit bonus

Royal Vegas Casino Free Spins and Welcome Bonus
This is exclusive welcome bonus to Royal Vegas Casino! Claim 120 free spins on Mega Moolah Jackpot via special landing page. No deposit required!
Plus, get a $1,200 welcome bonus: 3x 100% up to $400 on your first 3 deposits. Exclusive promotion!
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Royal Vegas Casino Review

When a casino operator decides to launch multiple brands, it is unusual for them to launch them all at once; they are typically staggered over a series of years, and sometimes the original site can get a bit stale as the focus shifts to new brands.
The subject of this review, Royal Vegas Casino, is one of the old guards of online casinos. Since its launch, its parent company has gone on to manage 19 other brands; have they put this site out to pasture, or is it still worth your time and money? That is what I plan to find out with this honest, legit review of this casino.

About Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas was one of the flagship sites of the Fortune Lounge Group when it was launched in 2000. It is now one of the 20 brands under the Digimedia Casino umbrella, alongside sister sites such as Casino Epoca, Spin Palace, and Platinum Play. In fact, while I was performing my initial stages of this review, I did notice a significant number of similarities between this casino and Platinum Play. As a result, much of this review may sound the same to many of you; I apologize, but I am going to look behind every corner to find all the differences between the two.
All of the Digimedia casinos have a license from the Malta Gaming Authority. This regulatory board keeps a watchful eye over all of its approved casinos, ensuring that player funds are safe and that the casino is completely above board when it comes to fairness and security.

Software Suppliers

Royal Vegas uses two software partners for the two sides of their online casino. The Live Dealer games are provided by industry-leader Evolution Gaming. We’ll talk more about these games further down this review; they are only available via the Instant Play format. For the remainder of the casino, Royal Vegas is powered by Microgaming, one of the industry’s longest-standing and top providers of games. In fact, Royal Vegas is one of Microgaming’s oldest clients, so this casino has seen all the improvements they have made over the years.
Microgaming’s casino is available in Instant Play format, but if you want all the games and the full casino experience, you are better served downloading the casino client to your desktop.
>> Get Free Spins Now <<

The Good Stuff

Progressive Jackpots

When you hit the casino lobby, your eyes track immediately to the ticker which shows how much money is available in progressive jackpots on the site. The total is currently around 2.5 Million USD; almost half of that can be found in the Mega Moolah game. One spin of those reels could win you just over a million dollars! You should spend a couple minutes playing every time you log in; you never know which spin might be the one that changes your life!

A Clear Opt-Out Option

Wow. You don’t see this very often at a casino. Right there with an overview of the promotions and the rewards is a tab named Unsolicited Communications, where they outline how to opt-out of emails, and their policy to not just spam their players. Well done, Royal Vegas – this is most impressive.

The Bad Stuff

So Much Is the Same

One thing about operating many casinos is that sometimes it is easy to just copy and paste one site into another. From a games standpoint, that is exactly what has happened with Royal Vegas. If you are already a player with Platinum Play, you probably don’t need to play here; the casino lobby is exactly the same.

Quick Points Expiry

You will read a little later on how important a Comp Program is in my eyes; not only do I like to be able to redeem the points for cash, but I also like to try to move up VIP levels as quickly as possible. I noticed that the points at Royal Vegas have an expiry of 60 days; that is significantly faster than the industry standard of 90 days. This is a little disheartening considering you need to accumulate 5,000 to convert them. In my opinion, one of those rules needs to be adjusted.
>> Get Free Spins Now <<

Royal Vegas Casino Game Selection


Even though you can see these games at many of the Digimedia Casinos, it is entirely possible that this is your first time seeing Microgaming in action. If so, you are in for a real treat. The slots catalog is bursting at the seams with titles for you to choose from; at last count, there were well over 300 slot machines in the casino lobby.
What I particularly enjoy are all the games that feature brands I know from other walks of life; you will see many of those along with other in-house content that I have enjoyed playing from the list below:
  • Around The World
  • Avalon
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • BrideZilla
  • Bubble Bonanza
  • Cashanova
  • CashOccino
  • Cash Splash – 3 Reel
  • Cash Splash – 5 Reel
  • Classic 243
  • Cool Buck 5 reel
  • Cool Wolf
  • Cosmic Cat
  • Dance of the Masai
  • Doctor Love 20-Line
  • Dogfather
  • Double Magic MegaSpin
  • Double O Cash
  • Double Wammy
  • Watts Up
  • Eagle’s Wings
  • Electric Diva
  • Elementals
  • Fantastic 7’s
  • Fantastic 7’s MegaSpin
  • Fruit Fiesta – 5 Reel
  • Fruit Salad
  • Fruit Slots
  • Fruit Candy
  • Game of Thrones
  • Game of Thrones 15-Line
  • Girls With Guns – Frozen Dawn
  • Girls With Guns – Jungle Heat
  • Gladiator 50-line
  • Golden Goose Winning Wizards
  • Jurassic Jackpot Big Reel
  • Jurassic Park
  • Lion’s Pride
  • Lions Share
  • Liquid Gold
  • Little Chief Big Cash
  • Living in Luxury
  • Loaded
  • Loose Cannon
  • Lost Vegas
  • Lotsaloot – 3 Reel
  • Lotsaloot – 5 Reel
  • Lucky Leprechaun
  • Lucky Leprechaun’s Loot
  • Lucky News Network
  • Major Millions
  • Major Millions 3 Reel
  • Major Millions MegaSpin
  • Mardi Gras
  • Mardi Gras Fever
  • Mark of Medusa
  • Max Damage
  • Max Damage and the Alien Attack
  • Mayan Princess
  • Mega Money Multiplier
  • Mega Moolah
  • Mega Moolah 5 Reel Drive
  • Mega Moolah Isis
  • Mega Moolah Summertime
  • Mermaids Millions
  • Mermaids Millions Multi-Player
  • Mocha Orange
  • Rhyming Reels – Georgie Porgie
  • Rhyming Reels – Hearts & Tarts
  • Rhyming Reels – Jack & Jill
  • Sahara’s Secret
  • Samurai 7’s
  • Sonic Boom
  • Sugar Mama
  • Sugar Parade
  • Sultans Sevens
  • Summer Holiday
  • Summertime
  • SunQuest
  • Tarzan
  • Terminator 2
  • The Adventures of Galactic Gopher
  • The Argyle Open
  • The Dark Knight
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • The Finer Reels of Life
  • Tomb Raider
  • Tomb Raider – Secret of the Sword
  • Totem Treasure
  • Treasure Nile
  • Treasure Palace
  • Triangulation
  • Tribal Treasure
  • Wheel of Wealth Special Edition
  • Wheel of Wealth Special Edition Multiplayer
  • White Buffalo

Live Dealer Games

I mentioned earlier how much I love the Live Dealer games from Evolution. Truth be told, I enjoy live casino games form virtually any supplier. The pace of these games is much different than the traditional online casino; I also love watching the dealers on the live stream having to deal those oversized cards!
At Royal Vegas, you can find the Live Casino games in the “Tables” tab of the lobby, and from there you can choose from the following games:
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Dream Catcher
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Casino Hold’em

Video Poker

I am sure I am one of the craziest video poker nuts I know. Sometimes, I will find myself at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, playing at one of the machines at the bar while also playing a game on my phone at one of the online casinos I have reviewed. Yes, that may be considered extreme behavior, but I can’t help it – I love these games!
When it comes to the selection at Royal Vegas, you will find a significant number of machines and pay tables. It is important to look at the pay tables before playing a game; you want to make sure the variant you are playing gives you the best return for your betting style. Also, you may find the multi-hand versions of the games exciting; there is nothing better than a Royal Flush except maybe 4 of them on the same hand!
Check out the types of video poker games you can play at this casino:
  • All Aces
  • Jacks or Better
  • All American
  • Aces & Faces
  • Double Bonus
  • Bonus Deuces Wild
  • Tens or Better
  • Aces & Eights
  • Deuces & Joker
  • Double Double Bonus
  • Joker Poker (kings or better)
  • Bonus Poker Deluxe
  • Double Joker
  • Deuces Wild
  • Louisiana Double

Table Games

For this casino review, I decided to do something different when testing the Table Games. I chose to play a game I don’t play very often and give it a full 45 minutes session. This time I decided on 3 Card Poker; this is a game I tend to play only with my friends after way too many drinks in Vegas, so I thought I would try it in the comfort of my own home. The end result? Well, I am still not sure if I like the game as much as I do other Table Games; thankfully there is a full complement of those at Royal Vegas:
  • 3 Card Poker
  • Atlantic City Blackjack
  • Atlantic City Gold Blackjack
  • Bonus Blackjack
  • Classic Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Crown and Anchor
  • Cyberstud Poker
  • Double Exposure
  • European Blackjack Redeal
  • European Gold Blackjack
  • Hi-Lo 13 European Blackjack
  • Keno
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Premier High Streak Blackjack
  • Poker Pursuit
  • Red Dog
  • Roulette
  • Sic Bo
  • Spanish Blackjack
  • Vegas Downtown Blackjack
  • Vegas single deck Blackjack
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack

Specialty Games

Now, the honest truth here: I did not test any of these “Casual Games” in reviewing Royal Vegas. While many of you may love to play these games, I consider them nothing more than a time-filler, and a costly one at that. However, should you get the itch to try one of them out, here are all the options you have to choose from:
  • Monkey Keno
  • Six Shooter Looter Gold
  • Pharaoh’s Gems
  • Spingo
  • Keno
  • Hexaline
  • Four By Four
  • Triangulation
  • Germinator
  • Max Damage and the Alien Attack
  • Whack a Jackpot
  • Super Bonus Bingo
  • Pharaoh Bingo
  • Three Wheeler
  • Electro Bingo
  • Samba Bingo
  • Mayan Bingo
  • Bubble Bonanza
  • Pick ‘n Switch
  • Beer Fest
  • Crown and Anchor
  • Ballistic Bingo
  • Bunny Boiler Gold
  • Premier Trotting
  • Kashatoa
  • Bunny Boiler
  • Space Evader Gold
  • Premier Racing
  • Crypt Crusade Gold
  • Space Evader
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Crypt Crusade
  • Six Shooter Looter
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Royal Vegas Casino Promotions

While the casino lobby can look the same, where I am hoping to find some differences between this casino and its sister properties is in the promotional area. I am going to have a look at two promotions in detail here in this review:

Welcome Bonus

This offer for first-time depositing players is eerily similar to the one being offered by Platinum Play, but this one is just a little bit sweeter. They are offering you up to $1,200 in bonuses and 120 Free Spins in their Welcome Bonus, along the following lines:
  • On your first deposit: a 100% deposit match up to $/€250 plus unlock 30 Free Spins on Dragon Dance-a minimum deposit of $/€10 is required to receive your Spins
  • On your second deposit: a 25% deposit match up to $/€200 plus unlock 40 Free Spins on Wild Orient
  • On your third deposit: 50% deposit match up to $/€750 plus unlock 50 Free Spins on the SunTide
So, this is definitely different than the other casino; first off, it is more money. Also, it is only spread over three deposits (all of which must be made within 7 days).
I was able to access the Terms and Conditions page and found there that the wagering requirement for this bonus (and all other bonuses) is 40x the bonus amount; that is a competitive rate, so it’s definitely worth giving this bonus a shot.

Wild Wins Wheel

This is a great ongoing promotion that by the sounds of things has been run before at this casino. It is a time-sensitive offer (this one looks to be about three weeks long), and has straightforward rules:
  • Play your favorite games to earn Rewards points
  • Your Rewards points will fill up the progress bar
  • Each time you reach 100%, you’ll get a spin on the jungle wheel
  • Prizes on the wheel include Free Spins, Rewards points and a Bonus Round for even bigger prizes!
  • You can try and spin the jungle wheel as many times as possible to win your share of €300,000 in instant prizes
I like that the casino has offers like this available for players; the sense of urgency to play games before the promo ends provides motivation to play more often, which is obviously good for the casino.
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Getting your money to this site is not going to be a problem. As you will see below, the number of payment methods offered is staggering. Also, if you have a problem with the first method you choose, as I did, the casino works fast to ensure you are still on the hook. I received a Live Chat message as soon as my deposit was rejected, followed by being walked through another method which ended up being successful. That is an excellent way to keep players interested.

Deposit Methods

  • Abaqoos
  • Bank Wire
  • Boleto
  • CartaSi
  • ClickandBuy
  • Delta
  • Diners Club International
  • eChecks
  • EcoPayz
  • eKonto
  • Entropay
  • EPS
  • Euteller
  • ewire
  • EZIPay
  • GiroPay
  • iDEAL
  • instaDebit
  • JCB
  • Lobanet
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • Moneta
  • Multibanco
  • Neosurf
  • Neteller
  • Nordea
  • Paysafecard
  • POLi
  • Postepay
  • Przelewy24
  • Skrill
  • Sofortuberwaisung
  • Solo
  • Switch
  • Teleingreso
  • Ticket Premium
  • Trustly
  • Ukash
  • UseMyFunds
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron

Withdrawal Methods

  • CartaSi
  • Check
  • ClickandBuy
  • Diners Club International
  • ECO Card
  • Entropay
  • EPS
  • EZIPay
  • instaDebit
  • Maestro
  • Neteller
  • Nordea
  • Postepay
  • Skrill

Royal Vegas Casino VIP Program

Along with the Comp Program, all real money players are entered into Royal Vegas’s VIP Program. This program has two parts to it; an in-house tiered program that rewards players from the second they make a deposit, and access for higher-level players to the Fortune Lounge VIP program, where you can find yourself being invited to some of the most exclusive parties and events in the online casino world.

Would I Play at Royal Vegas Casino?

Well, here’s the thing: I have a real money account at Platinum Play and have used the Welcome Bonus, so I am not even sure I will be able to take advantage of the superior offer from Royal Vegas. If you haven’t opened an account at either, I would suggest you do so at Royal Vegas first, then see what happens after you clear the bonus.
The site itself is great: an excellent selection of games, a great comp and VIP program, and a whole host of ways to contact the casino in real-time if you have any issues. I have no problem recommending this casino to anyone- time has not passed Royal Vegas by, and they remain one of the flagship brands of the Digimedia Casino group!
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